Monday, June 23, 2008

100 Things About Me:

Oh man here it is:
100- I really like to cook. I don't very often, but when I do I really enjoy it, especially playing around with my own recipes.
99- Ya I love Spice Girls, I don't know what it is but their music is really fun to dance around to.
98- Boating is the most relaxing thing in the world.
97- It also kicks my butt when i wake board.
96- I love pink
95- I highly dislike mushrooms
94- Rollercoasters make me happy
93- Summer is what I live for
92- I'm not so much a winter fan
91- I love shoes, but I always buy the same kind
90- I volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters and I really like it
89- Ice Cream is the greatest invention
88- Jelly beans are my favorite candy, especially the starburst kind
87- I pretty much only wear jeans that are the brand Silvers
86- In Alaska I drove a B-list movie star around
85- Her name is Miranda Richardson and she didn't even tip, (Rita Skeeter-Harry Potter, The mom lady- Phantom of the Opera, and others) But other than that was nice.
84- I can't roll my r's
83- I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
82- When I get home from work almost everyday I immediately change into sweats
81- I love Jane Austen books and movies
80- I love to read in general
79- Harry Potter is pretty sweet
78- So is the Twilight series
77- I love avacados
76- Teletubbies scare me
75- The Office is the greatest show on television
74- I love to go on walks
73- My niece and nephew live in Iowa and it makes me sad
72- I have another niece or nephew on the way and I am totally stoked! Way to go Dain and Alyse!
71- My family is the most important thing to me
70- Pickles are so good
69- These pretzels are makin me thirsty
68- I like it when my boss randomly hands me a $50 bill
67- I have a sunburn and it is starting to itch
66- I have never been outside of the North America area
65- My car smells like cigarette smoke and it makes me sick
64- I love to drive around downtown salt lake and find little shops that I never knew were there
63- I love to play in the fountains at Gateway
62- I have a lot of favorite movies, but the one that I quote the most often would be A League of their Own
61- I quote movies a lot and people don't understand my jokes, but it makes me laugh
60- My mom is my hero and best friend
59- Sometimes I don't understand what she's saying either and then I laugh
58- Flaming Gorge trips are what I look forward to the entire year!
57- There is nothing cuter than Devin when he gets excited and does his high step and crazy arms
56- I am not attached to my cell phone and constantly forget where I put it
55- I hate it when I am hanging out with people and they can't put their cell phones away
54- I love to randomly bust a move
53- I can't sing worth crap, but I always try
52- I still love to slide down the stairs with sleeping bags and card board boxes
51- Long boarding is really fun
50- I love to listen to music
49- Les Mis is really fun to sing along with
48- I love watching dance recitals, or professionals
47- I really want to buy a hybrid car
46- I think David Letterman is much funnier than Jay Leno
45- Football games are way fun to watch in real life, but I don't like watching them on TV
44- During the last NCAA Basketball tournament I won $400 and the Willard Family Trophy, its pretty intense
43- I like the word intense
42- I don't like to cry because it gives me a heachache, so I don't very often
41- I don't like going to school very much
40- Being outside is the best
39- I love to read outside on a hammock, too bad I don't have a hammock huh?
38- I loved living in because the weather was always perfect
37- I only like snow on Christmas, and when I'm sledding, but then it should all just go away!
36- Thanksgiving is always so fun and crazy!
35- Anne of Green Gables movies are definitely high on my list of favorites
33- I hate shaving my legs
32- Every time I go bowling I break a nail
31- I love to sleep, it is just so peaceful
30- I used to get my brothers in trouble for things they didn't do, or did but not right then, i was a manipulative child
29- I really had a fun childhood
28- Roosters really scare me
27- So do spiders
26- I really just don't like bugs
25- I don't like wearing shoes that require sock, I really just don't like wearing shoes, but I like shopping for them
24- Sometimes I want to cut my hair off
23- I never like my hair when i cut it short
22- Its fun to work with my Dad and Trevor and Dain and uncle Terry
21- I love sports drinks like gatorade and propel
20- Watching golf is really fun, but I don't like playing it
19- I love trampolines
18- I still don't step on cracks on the sidewalk
17- I never use sarcasm
16- I don't like to wear necklaces
15- Tadpoles are fun to catch
14- Hansen Idaho at Zola's house is one of my favorite places
13- I like to play tennis, but am not very good
12- Picnics are so much fun
11- I want to travel all around the world
10- One of my life goals is to learn how to surf
9- I don't get stressed very easily
8- I work well under pressure
7- I want to learn how to snowboard
6- I am really excited for the Olympics to start
5- My Ipod is truly amazing
4- Working in Alaska was a great life experience
3- I always have nail polish on my toes, but rarely on my finger nails
2- I don't know how to drive a stick
1- My favorite smell is freshly cut grass
Well thats it and it only took me 4 days to finish it!