Friday, July 31, 2009

Celebrities Vs. Harry Potter

K so Tori (pierce's girlfriend) and I have been chatting and trying to decide which is better:

  • Tori believes that Celebrities are much more entertaining and provide more for the world than does HP. Her favorites are Gisele, The Olson Twins, and all such people. (We're talking more like their personal lives not movies or tv shows)

  • I Haley believe that Harry Potter is great entertainment and shows people good ethics like picking Dumbledore vs Voldemort and doing the right thing regardless of how hard that choice may be.(By the way I'm talking more about the books because they are better than the movies, but either way...)

Anyway what do you think?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Evolution of Scaddy's

So Scaddy's is definitely coming along! We have done a ton of work, but there is still so much to do! The building is set up really funky because there used to be two restaurants in one area so its been interesting trying to make it into one cohesive restaurant, with the pics you'll see that they didn't go together at all so now it is starting to match, the only ugly part is the periwinkle blue ceiling...sick. So here it is so far from the beginning to where we are at this point, and then I'll do a finale once the place is all set up:

This is the Taco Del Mar side of the building...that bamboo was the biggest pain to get off! Pictured are Trevy and my momma and others in the back.

This is the Slo Joe Side, it was a bbq place with the tackiest decorations that I think I have ever seen so nasty. But we ripped off the shingles and the picket fence and hopefully it'll look so much better!

This is where the two different ideas meet...precious. Oh and me and Tiya and the one dude named Doug.

Now we will get into how it is looking at this point:
So these are the colors...not the blue Here are Scottie and Daddy Scaddy painting it up
Below are Piercey and Trevy painting

Here I am thinking the painting will never ever end! Here is Tiya just chilling.
So obviously we still have a lot of work to do! but its getting there and when it does I will put up pics that actually show how sweet it is!
Some people have asked what we will be serving and the best way to explain Scaddy's is that it will be an upscale fast food. Everything will be fresh and delicious, its all about American food such as burgers, philly cheese, fries, chicken strips, milkshakes, and all sorts of yummy stuff!
Oh and nathy steal some of these pics and put them up on facebook because we need more than just the logo!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So tonight my madre and I went and saw HP6 (that means Harry Potter 6 by the way...I had to ask someone...I thought it was some type of a computer) and as I am almost done rereading the entire series (I still have half of the 7th left) oh and don't worry I won't give stuff away, but I did think it was semi-anti-climatic, like I needed more of a battle, but thats all I'm gonna say on that, but otherwise I thought that they did an awesome job! Some parts were so funny! There's this part where Filch the caretaker comes in and my mom and I just couldn't stop laughing because my cousins little boy once asked when he saw Filch, "Is that Jesus?" or something like that and I now think of Jesus everytime I see Filch so it is just funny. Anyway while my mom and I were walking back to my car I could not find the keys for what seemed forever and I just kept thinking "If I had a wand this would be so much easier!" I think that I have read too much HP lately because now whenever I'm doing something tedious or the lights are off and I need light I just think of the spell in my head and hope that something happens haha I'm seriously the biggest geek, but oh well I love me some Harry Potter!

Oh and p.s my father is opening a restaurant called Scaddy's and if you have facebook you should become a fan of it to get updates of when it is going to open and such! It'll be fun! I'm so excited!