Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow...snow...oh no....

So I'm not sure if any of you are aware of how much it has been snowing!!!! And working in Kaysville where they seem to think it a sin to plow the roads has been a little crazy. I first started not liking snow because when it would melt it would turn to ice...then I would fall and break my arm. That was my first winter living with snow. Then I realized that its only pretty when its falling and when no one is driving. Once a car goes over it, goodbye pretty white snow and hello ugly gray snow that sticks to my car and makes it dirty. I do like snow when I'm playing in it though, I only last about ten minutes before I'm freezing, but still its a fun ten minutes. Then you can drink hot cocoa and watch the snow fall. Then really snow should go find the lakes and reservoirs and only fall there so that we can have enough water in summer to go boating! haha thats my little rant about snow....the end.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Singing in my Car

So I will post later some fun stuff that I've been up to but until then please enjoy this story. The other day I found my Queen's Greatest Hits cd and I was so excited to listen to it! It was wonderful for the long drive all the way up to Weber! It really woke me up and made it so that I didn't fall completely asleep in my 8:00 class. So school gets over and I get in my car and start to drive to work. Then comes on my favorite Queen song...Fat Bottom Girls! I was singing at the very top of my lungs and I was totally into it, then I got the feeling that I was being watched DUN Dun dun... and I was. I looked over to my right(I was stopped at a light) and there are these two boys just laughing their heads off staring at me. So of course I feel awkward, but at the same time I'm mad because they just made me forget about my favorite song that I was really enjoying singing to. So the light turns green and the driver is driving but still staring at me just waiting for me to start again so I looked at him and just gave the biggest cheesy smile and then crusty. hehe He stopped looking at me after that and then I put the song on again and went on my merry way. Seriously what is so fascinating about someone belting out a sweet tune in their car? I think it is very theraputic. thats all.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great 8

8 Favorite TV shows...
1. Project Runway
2. The Office
3. Scrubs
4. Arrested Development
5. Grey's Anatomy
6. Jeopardy
7. Deadliest Catch
8. Myth Busters

8 Favorite Restaurants...
1. Cafe Rio
2. Happy Sumo
3. California Pizza Kitchen
4. Arby's
5. Chili's
6. Coldstone...i love ice cream
7. El Matador
8. Doug and Emmy's

8 things that happened yesterday...
1. Went to School
2. Went to Work
3. Watch Harry Potter 5 with my momma
4. played with Devdog
5. Made Spaghetti
6. ate a whole load
7. brushed my teeth
8. almost did homework

8 things to look forward to...
1. Halloween!!! Oh baby!
2. Having money that isn't going to bills
3. Christmas
4. Watching Office tonight
5. Getting Finals over with
6. Making something of myself
7. learning how to sew
8. Cooking something yummy

8 things I love about Fall...
1. Pumkin pie
2. Thanksgiving
3. Seeing family
4. Warm clothes
5. Pretty Colors
6. Halloween
7. hmmm....
8. Fall Break

8 things on my wishlist...
1. BMW z8-oh baby
2. travel the world
3. one hottie of a hubby
4. a cute old house with a monster of a yard
5. to sleep as long as i want
6. to know what to do with my life
7. to do something productive and worthwhile
8. to be oh so happy!

I tag DUN Dun dun....
all of my great family!!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

One Word Tag

Here are the rules: I have to answer the following questions with one word answers and one word only! Then I must pass it on to seven others.The questions are as follows:

1. Where is your cell phone? who knows?
2. Where is your significant other? who knows?
3. Your hair color? Blondie
4. Your mother? fabulous!
5. Your father? Funny!
6. Your favorite thing? Brownies
7. Your dream last night? crampy
8. Your dream/goal? blissfully happy
9. The room you're in? ghetto basement
10. Your hobby? reading
11. Your fear? spiders
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? family
13. Where were you last night? catwalking
14. What you're not? bashful
15. One of your wish-list items? bmw
16. Where you grew up? mormonville
17. The last thing you did? laughed
18. What are you wearing? deer
19. Your TV? that's what she said
20. Your pet? spastic
21. Your computer? crappy
22. Your mood? goofy
23. Missing someone? many
24. Your car? cherry smoke
25. Something you're not wearing? deer
26. Favorite store? anthropology
27. Your summer? rocked
28. Love someone? sure
29. Your favorite color? pink
30. When is the last time you laughed? currently
31. Last time you cried? currently
I tag:
2-Tibi jr.
5- Anyone
ya thats it.

FUN Weekend!!

Alright so this was a couple of weeks ago, but I can never manage to keep track of my camera and its usb cord at the same time. Now I finally have them both together so I can post a cute picture with a fun time attached!

This is my BEST friend in the whole wide world Kristi Kay Esplin. We have been best friends since we were 5 years old! Its so crazy how 15 years fly! ahhh! Anyway she has been having a rough couple of months so she came up for the weekend just to detox and hang out! So our fun filled adventure started with us going to Lagoon. We decided to start with the haunted houses because they were the closest to the entrance and so we could make good time on our rideage. So it was scary! haha we were laughing the entire time, but the nervous laugh that means that your really scared but trying to cover up! so ya screaming was definitely happening! Then we went on all the rides that really get your adrenaline going and I have never screamed for such a consistent stretch of time! First the crazy happenings of The Spider, followed by the freaky Wicked which I highly recommend! Oh man it was so funny! We would be so nervous that we'd just giggle before they went and then scream until nothing would come out!! Then came The Rocket. haha I love this ride but am highly afraid of it at the same time! When we were standing in line a little girl was about to blast off and she was just sobbing saying "Daddy don't make me do this!" With big ole alligator tears streaming down. It was heart breaking! But she blasted off and came back down with a big grin on her face! Well when we were sitting there waiting I felt exactly like that little girl! I really felt like I was hyperventilating! I wanted to turn to Kristi and say "Don't make me do this!" haha but what a thrill!!!! I love how the wind just rushes my face! So it was totally worth it! Then it started to sprinkle and we decided to try and find the car before we got drenched... too bad. We could not find the car for the life of us! (it is now pouring) We are searching that dang parking lot and now its been like ten minutes! (it starts to hail!) We hurry and hide behind this jeep laughing so hard that I can't stand straight and completely soaked through! We finally find the car after like 15 minutes and man it was so funny! So we got to my house and cleaned up and watched the best movies EVER! Hocus Pocus and My Best Friends Wedding. Then we decided to go on a walk and have fun chatting and what rained again! haha we just couldn't avoid it! So we hung out on the porch with my momma watching lightening and laughing our guts out! Thanks for the fun Kristi! Love ya girl!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Worst Music Video EVER!

This is my favorite music video of all time. To the right of this post is a link to YouTube and watch the top one. My roommates and I learned this dance and all of the words to the song. I only aspire to be as good as the real dancers, they inspire me to dance my heart out regardless of how embarrassing or how many people are watching you. So here is the amazing "I Wanna Love You Tender"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Funny kid

So my Grandma Willard told me the funniest story and I just had to share it with everyone. She was substitute teaching for my aunt Liz's class and the kids where supposed to be writing in their journals. She was standing by one of the kids when he looked up at her and said, "I bet you were kinda pretty when you were young." haha so funny! and then she told him, "Ya were not very cute when we're old huh?" haha I was laughing so hard! By the way you are cute even when your old! I love you grandma!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So this isn't exactly an uplifting post so if you don't want to read it thats completely fine! Anyway for a couple of months I have been dating a certain someone and I have had so much fun and we have done some awesome things, but I never felt completely right about it. I just never thought, "This is someone who I could see myself with" so I was always a little uneasy about the relationship. But even with that feeling I kept seeing him and never said anything. One week(last week) he had become really clingy and I just was getting so annoyed that I knew that I had to talk to him and let him know how I was feeling. The night that I had decided that I needed to talk to him he called me and asked me what was wrong because he noticed I had been acting differently. So I told him that I didn't feel right about us and that I think we should just be friends. ahah I know the classic line, but I really meant it! He got really defensive and mad because he didn't see this coming and he told me that he doesn't want to date other people because he would just compare them to me and they would suck after that. I had no idea what to say to that but I pretty much told him he would have to get over it because I don't want to go out anymore. So then we talked for 3 hours!!! At the end we had decided that we would be friends and still hang out because we do have a lot of fun together. Then on Sunday I got asked out by a guy that is one of his friends friends. So I said okay and our date was going to be for tonight. Last night I was talking to 'him' and he wanted me to go to his game tonight so I told him the truth that I was going on a date. He seemed alright with it so I didn't think anything of it. This morning the guy that I was supposed to go out with called and said "We've got drama" and I was so confused! He told me that the guy I was dating called his friend and got really mad that they would give another guy my number. So this guy told me that its okay and we should just hold off for a week or two until things settle down. I thought that was nice! But I was so mad! He doesn't have any claim on me anymore! I don't even know what he is thinking because I thought I made that pretty clear! What can I say to make things more final? I don't understand it, but I just needed to get that off my chest because I don't think its right that he is interfering with my life. I guess I need to confront him about it, but its not going to be pretty. I don't know what to do! haha well thats my life I hope all of yours is going better!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Film Festival

Okay so my bishop called and randomly decided to put me in charge of making the ward video for a film festival that our stake is having!!!! aHHAHAHahaha! I have no idea what to do and the video is due on October 4th! The theme is "You call THIS simpliying?" and I think that is not a very good theme, but I will have to get over it and figure something out. But basically I am asking if anyone has any ideas of what I could do. I am having people come over to my house tomorrow to help think of ideas, but if they aren't good I want back ups! haha! So If any ideas come to your head let me know! Thanks!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Alright this one is a biggie! I think I owe it to an amazing summer so I decided to post all of the fun things that I did! I don't have pics of flaming gorge and bear lake but they were awesome and thanks pops for hauling my butt around on a wakeboard for so long!!! I loved it! Now I'm not the best blogger so I hope this all makes sense, but these are not in any particular order, they just happened at some point! This is my Salute to Summer!

Here are Chelsy, Jess, and I at Liberty park! We started off on the ferris wheel and made our way to the paddle boats to go around the pond of death!(There were dead ducks floating around!sick) And then we went to Astro burger. Chels and Jess got these amazing burgers. I ordered salmon, and they brought it out raw!!! sick! I love sushi but I can't handle a huge chunk of raw fish! Thats just nasty!

Lindsey and I had so much fun playing at Newport beach in California! We went to California for my great aunt Virginia's funeral. She was such a sweet lady and will be greatly missed!
Oh man big wave!
After the beach we were still excited!
I could not get my eyes to open all the way!!! It was so weird so for like and hour that is how my eyes looked. I really think I look stoned, but I wasn't! haha

Our first night there we stayed at such a ghetto hotel! I found a nasty sock(below) in the sheets of our bed! ahhhh it was disgusting
This is the lock we had to lock our door. Not exactly effective.
Ya we were freaked out!
And my funny grandparents with their tennis shoes on! haha What goofs! Notice that this is a much nicer hotel room! I didn't want to give up that bed!

Kenyon took me to see Brian Reagan at Thanksgiving Point. These were the best pics I got and they're pretty bad, but thats all I got! I thought he was pretty funny, but Kenyon thought otherwise. It was a fun night though! I slipped in a puddle and soaked my jeans and then we laughed and spilled all the mike n ikes. Oh man crazy day!

One day Devin and I were playing and laughing and such then we both just crashed! We were so tired! haha and my mom was there to get the picture of it! It's not a flattering picture, but it was funny.
Jess invited me to go play at her cabin for a weekend and it is somewhere in utah that is pretty! It was way fun! We went and found all of these little lakes and then we got lost on our way back trying to find her cabin! haha Oh man that was entertaining!
Kim, Nate, Gwen and Beckham came to see us! It was so much fun! Unfortunately these are the only pictures that I got of that. So here is Gwen barely awake! haha It was so fun to play with her and Beckham! I love them and I think that they should move back to Utah!

Alright this is me and Cecilia (my 'little sister') and we went and played at liberty park. She got a little camera happy. It was so funny to watch her try to sneak up on the geese!
And then the wakeboarding season began! I love the picture where my toenails match my board beautifully! So this is my first time ever wakeboarding and we went to Utah Lake. And then my momma boarded as well and did awesome and then decided to be a cowgirl on the tube! haha she's so funny!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Oh man its weird to be back in school. I really like most of my classes though and I think that I'll learn a lot! But then there is my computer class. It is a required class so I have to take it even though it is ridiculous! The people in there seriously had to have grown up in the middle ages! They know nothing at all about computers and they're my age, what is wrong with the world? So yesterday I get to class and I sit down and turn on my computer and log in and all that fun stuff. Then this kid comes and sits by me. He is pushing the keys moving the mouse and clicking trying to get the screen to pop up. I know that in this instance I could have been nice and just helped him, but I took the less noble road and I started counting in my head how long it would take him to figure out he has to turn it on. I got to 46 seconds, which is a long time to be pushing keys, when he turned to me and was like, "Is there a trick to getting the screen to come up?" It took all I had to not laugh and then I said, "Well you have to turn it on." I could tell that he felt way stupid, but I thought it was so funny! Then throughout the rest of the class this poor kid just did not get it. A lot of people didn't understand the things that I thought were mandatory to live in this age, like where the start button is on the computer. Anyway weird, but at least it kept me entertained!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Yum Blueberry

You Are a Blueberry Flavored Popsicle

You are a very unusual person. For you, summer is all about adventure and travel.

You are brilliant and bright. Your mind is always sharp and working at full capacity.

You seek out new and different experiences. You get bored very easily.

You are very creative. Of all of the types, you're the most likely to invent a new popsicle.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Wow! That is all I have to say and for the sake of not ruining anything for other people I will give a very generic version of my thoughts on this! First off this is the strangest book of all of them, seriously weird. I loved it though and the end is great! I will say though that I wanted certain characters to die and they just didn't! Thats all

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Batman and Vampires

Last night Natalie and I went and saw Batman and wow I thought it was awesome! There were some disturbing parts for sure but the crazy thing is The Joker would be killing someone and I would be sitting there laughing! Man that got my attention. He was hilarious but no wonder he went nutty in real life! Then on Monday I went and bought Breaking Dawn and I am on around page 540 or something and all I can say since I don't want to ruin it for the rest of you is WHAT? Anyway once one of you out there finishes it give me a holler because I need to talk about this! So that has been my mythological week so far.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Kristi Tagged Me... ya thanks

10 Years Ago- I was ten years old (nasty awkward stage!) Kristi Kay was my bestest friend and we pretty much ruled. We were in love with the man in the yellow shorts! We spent our days playing princesses with skirts on our heads and chain on the trampoline. Ya those were some good times!

5 Years Ago- I was 15 and lets see this would be ninth grade and that year ruled! Lets see my best friends at this time were Whitney and Kristin. We had fun playing charlies angels and other such crazy things. Boys were pretty much the only things on our minds.

5 Months Ag0- Well that would be in February and I was in school hating every minute of physics and of course loving abnormal psychology! It was snowing a lot and I am not so much a fan of snow, so I was fishtailing. Umm nothing too exciting

5 Things on my To-Do List-
1) Clean my room!! its so gross!
2) Get my hair trimmed of its nasty ends
3) Play with my niece and nephew who are here from Iowa!!!
4) Bake a dessert
5) Relax

5 Snacks I Enjoy-
1) Cereal
2) Fruit Snacks
3) Chips and salsa
4) chocolate chips
5) string cheese

5 Things I would do if I was a billionare
1) First I would pay off all my bills and families bills so that we could all just chill
2) I would buy a sweet house with a pool and an awesome boat and wakeboard!
3) I would build a center for children who can't read good, haha jk(zoolander), I would do some form of charity, something to do with either transplants or families with disabled kids that need help
4) I would travel the world with people whose company I enjoy
5) ya I don't know what else, but it would be awesome!!!

5 Habits I have
1) When I'm in the car alone, or with devin I belt out whatever song is on as loud as I possibly can! It totally entertains me
2) I am completely ocd when it comes to money, and debt scares the crap out of me so when I feel like I'm getting low on cash I always figure out every possible option for me to not have to get a student loan or whatever, but I seriously have a notebook just covered with numbers and budgets and stuff, I know I'm a freak!
3) After I biff it when I'm wakeboarding or somehow fall out of the boat or something, right when my head comes up i do a weird blowing whistle thing to get the water off of my lips
4) I am always quoting movies in normal conversation
5) I always double check the lock on my car

5 Places I've lived before
1) Well First Bountiful is where I was born
2) Kaysville
3) Dixie Downs
4) Santa Clara
5) Centerville

5 Jobs I've had
1) Babysitting
2) Nanny for Dev Dog
3) Hogi Yogi dun dun dun
4) I was an outfitter at the Princess McKinley Wilderness Lodge in Alaska!
5) Administrative assistant at Fusion Imaging

5 Tags- Kim, Holly, Kristin, Tibi, and anyone else who wants to!

Monday, June 23, 2008

100 Things About Me:

Oh man here it is:
100- I really like to cook. I don't very often, but when I do I really enjoy it, especially playing around with my own recipes.
99- Ya I love Spice Girls, I don't know what it is but their music is really fun to dance around to.
98- Boating is the most relaxing thing in the world.
97- It also kicks my butt when i wake board.
96- I love pink
95- I highly dislike mushrooms
94- Rollercoasters make me happy
93- Summer is what I live for
92- I'm not so much a winter fan
91- I love shoes, but I always buy the same kind
90- I volunteer for Big Brothers Big Sisters and I really like it
89- Ice Cream is the greatest invention
88- Jelly beans are my favorite candy, especially the starburst kind
87- I pretty much only wear jeans that are the brand Silvers
86- In Alaska I drove a B-list movie star around
85- Her name is Miranda Richardson and she didn't even tip, (Rita Skeeter-Harry Potter, The mom lady- Phantom of the Opera, and others) But other than that was nice.
84- I can't roll my r's
83- I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
82- When I get home from work almost everyday I immediately change into sweats
81- I love Jane Austen books and movies
80- I love to read in general
79- Harry Potter is pretty sweet
78- So is the Twilight series
77- I love avacados
76- Teletubbies scare me
75- The Office is the greatest show on television
74- I love to go on walks
73- My niece and nephew live in Iowa and it makes me sad
72- I have another niece or nephew on the way and I am totally stoked! Way to go Dain and Alyse!
71- My family is the most important thing to me
70- Pickles are so good
69- These pretzels are makin me thirsty
68- I like it when my boss randomly hands me a $50 bill
67- I have a sunburn and it is starting to itch
66- I have never been outside of the North America area
65- My car smells like cigarette smoke and it makes me sick
64- I love to drive around downtown salt lake and find little shops that I never knew were there
63- I love to play in the fountains at Gateway
62- I have a lot of favorite movies, but the one that I quote the most often would be A League of their Own
61- I quote movies a lot and people don't understand my jokes, but it makes me laugh
60- My mom is my hero and best friend
59- Sometimes I don't understand what she's saying either and then I laugh
58- Flaming Gorge trips are what I look forward to the entire year!
57- There is nothing cuter than Devin when he gets excited and does his high step and crazy arms
56- I am not attached to my cell phone and constantly forget where I put it
55- I hate it when I am hanging out with people and they can't put their cell phones away
54- I love to randomly bust a move
53- I can't sing worth crap, but I always try
52- I still love to slide down the stairs with sleeping bags and card board boxes
51- Long boarding is really fun
50- I love to listen to music
49- Les Mis is really fun to sing along with
48- I love watching dance recitals, or professionals
47- I really want to buy a hybrid car
46- I think David Letterman is much funnier than Jay Leno
45- Football games are way fun to watch in real life, but I don't like watching them on TV
44- During the last NCAA Basketball tournament I won $400 and the Willard Family Trophy, its pretty intense
43- I like the word intense
42- I don't like to cry because it gives me a heachache, so I don't very often
41- I don't like going to school very much
40- Being outside is the best
39- I love to read outside on a hammock, too bad I don't have a hammock huh?
38- I loved living in because the weather was always perfect
37- I only like snow on Christmas, and when I'm sledding, but then it should all just go away!
36- Thanksgiving is always so fun and crazy!
35- Anne of Green Gables movies are definitely high on my list of favorites
33- I hate shaving my legs
32- Every time I go bowling I break a nail
31- I love to sleep, it is just so peaceful
30- I used to get my brothers in trouble for things they didn't do, or did but not right then, i was a manipulative child
29- I really had a fun childhood
28- Roosters really scare me
27- So do spiders
26- I really just don't like bugs
25- I don't like wearing shoes that require sock, I really just don't like wearing shoes, but I like shopping for them
24- Sometimes I want to cut my hair off
23- I never like my hair when i cut it short
22- Its fun to work with my Dad and Trevor and Dain and uncle Terry
21- I love sports drinks like gatorade and propel
20- Watching golf is really fun, but I don't like playing it
19- I love trampolines
18- I still don't step on cracks on the sidewalk
17- I never use sarcasm
16- I don't like to wear necklaces
15- Tadpoles are fun to catch
14- Hansen Idaho at Zola's house is one of my favorite places
13- I like to play tennis, but am not very good
12- Picnics are so much fun
11- I want to travel all around the world
10- One of my life goals is to learn how to surf
9- I don't get stressed very easily
8- I work well under pressure
7- I want to learn how to snowboard
6- I am really excited for the Olympics to start
5- My Ipod is truly amazing
4- Working in Alaska was a great life experience
3- I always have nail polish on my toes, but rarely on my finger nails
2- I don't know how to drive a stick
1- My favorite smell is freshly cut grass
Well thats it and it only took me 4 days to finish it!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Here are the promised pics! They are in a strange order, but here is the main idea: The Pics with Natalie and I are at her Apartment messing around, in the video we were trying to play the game where you keep moving your face and then take a picture and see how it turns out, but I accidently hit the video button. The pics with Jensen and I are at the Alvin Ailey dance concert at Kingsbury Hall. Thank you again Nicole and Lauren for the tickets!!!

Crazy Bird

Oh man I cannot believe that it is already April! Well Lately I have been doing some fun things and soon I will post pictures of them but here is a little sneak peak. I went to Logan and I stayed with Natalie up at her apartment and those were great times. Then Jensen and I got to go to the Alvin Ailey Dance Concert and we had a blast. Thanks to Nicole and Lauren for the tickets!!! Now today at work I am sitting here answering phones and all that jazz and suddenly this bird just smashes into the window right in front of me! I started laughing, but ten seconds later it did it again and again and again! Right now it is still just smashing into the window I wish I had my camera so I could video it! Well that is all for right now, but I promise to get pictures up soon! The End

Monday, March 24, 2008


Right now I am not doing anything too exciting. I just got a 'C' on my physics test. Pretty sweet! haha at least I'm passing. Then right now I am just chilling at work. I have been watching a whole lot of the NCAA march madness! It has been crazy! I really hope Kansas wins it all because if they do then I will win something for once in my life! Wahoo! I guess I shouldn't be celebrating yet...oh well. Today I have to go to an art gallery and really I am just writing that to remind me to go. I have to write an essay for art about a piece that I find in the gallery that I like. Then on TV I saw a commercial for wedgiefree underwear and I am pretty stoked to try those out. I will let you know how that turns out! haha Well that is my life right now if anything exciting happens I'll let ya know.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Alaskan Adventure

Well I know that not many of you have had the chance to see pictures my my fun time in Alaska so this is an easy way to let you all know the basics of what I was up to for those fabulous 4 months of my life. I did lose my camera in the process of coming back to Utah so these aren't my favorite, but are definitely do-able. This is on Mt.McKinley with my chicka's
This is the only igloo that I saw in Alaska
The entrance to our lodge
This is the train that I was on at least twice a week
My lumberjacks!OU
yes, I am riding a giant salmon

Having fun on the Motorcoach
This is a climber that just got down from the peak and he was eating pudding with an ice pick
These are nice ladies that came for a couple daysThis is the Talkeetna office, ya it's pretty ghetto, but the normal office at the lodge is freaking sweetWe carved Watermelons, to the left of the barfing melon is mine, RoadKill,
we ran over it with a mule

More salmon...that was way fun

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Evil Dictators

So yesterday I was watching the news and they were talking about how Fidel Castro was backing down and making way for his brother. When they showed Castro being interviewed he was in an Adidas jogging suit. I don't exactly know what I expected when I saw him but it wasn't that. I don't know about you but when I get the thought of 'evil dictator' in my mind I don't expect them to be joggers. I lost some respect for his role as a horrible person. It was like seeing Hitler wearing flip flops, it just doesn't match up.