Thursday, August 28, 2008


Oh man its weird to be back in school. I really like most of my classes though and I think that I'll learn a lot! But then there is my computer class. It is a required class so I have to take it even though it is ridiculous! The people in there seriously had to have grown up in the middle ages! They know nothing at all about computers and they're my age, what is wrong with the world? So yesterday I get to class and I sit down and turn on my computer and log in and all that fun stuff. Then this kid comes and sits by me. He is pushing the keys moving the mouse and clicking trying to get the screen to pop up. I know that in this instance I could have been nice and just helped him, but I took the less noble road and I started counting in my head how long it would take him to figure out he has to turn it on. I got to 46 seconds, which is a long time to be pushing keys, when he turned to me and was like, "Is there a trick to getting the screen to come up?" It took all I had to not laugh and then I said, "Well you have to turn it on." I could tell that he felt way stupid, but I thought it was so funny! Then throughout the rest of the class this poor kid just did not get it. A lot of people didn't understand the things that I thought were mandatory to live in this age, like where the start button is on the computer. Anyway weird, but at least it kept me entertained!


Becky said...

Haley, your hilarious! That poor guy didn't know what he was in for when he innocently sat down by you!

kristi said...

Hahah hilarious story! And your a hilarious person, I love that you do what we all think of doing then decide against, you just be you! Funny.

Whitney said...

I'm taking that class too and am having the same experience. People are pretty daft.