Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Batman and Vampires

Last night Natalie and I went and saw Batman and wow I thought it was awesome! There were some disturbing parts for sure but the crazy thing is The Joker would be killing someone and I would be sitting there laughing! Man that got my attention. He was hilarious but no wonder he went nutty in real life! Then on Monday I went and bought Breaking Dawn and I am on around page 540 or something and all I can say since I don't want to ruin it for the rest of you is WHAT? Anyway once one of you out there finishes it give me a holler because I need to talk about this! So that has been my mythological week so far.


Tibi said...

Oh my gosh! I still havnt seen Batman! I havnt had any time! I wanna see it so bad! It look awesome! I even bought a cereal box just to get a batman action figure out of it! And I havnt even started New Moon yet!! Sad! I'll be starting it in a few days though! Man I'm behind on everything!

kristi & chris said...

Haley! I dont know if you know this about me but I DONT READ AT ALL! But anyways so Jess and Em finally forced me to read Twilight and WOW best book alive I mean better than any movie I've seen too I LOVE IT and finished in like 5 days (which was fast for me) and now I started new moon yesterday and I'm half way through and freakin out! I WANT EDWARD BACK! I seriously went into depression along with Bella. Anyways, does he come back soon? Like at least back into the story? I'm freakin out! I am truely as obsessed as everyone else seemed to be so foolishly. Ahhh. I have a lot of pent of thoughts about and it and em and jess are in zion without phone reception so I have no one to talk to this about! I need feedback.