Friday, December 9, 2011


I was just thinking about all the funny stuff that happened on our wedding day and remembering what an awesome day it was. I went over to Caleb's house early that morning so his sister Melissa could do my hair and when she finished I went to get into my car and could not find my keys anywhere! I had no idea where they were so Melissa helped me look and we found them locked inside my car sitting in the ignition...yeah I had no brain that day! I just started laughing and sweet Melissa drove me home so I could finish getting ready. Little things like that just kept happening all day, but it all ended up working out. My mother-in-law called a key guy while we were on our honeymoon. Luckily we didn't need my car for a few weeks. Really though my favorite part of the day was the ceremony. It was so sweet and both Caleb and I were crying and of course I can't cry without laughing at the same time. It was fun and sweet. After we were sealed I remember Caleb giving me a huge hug and I don't think I had ever felt that loved before, it was a great moment. Anyway life is awesome. I am blessed. My husband rocks my world. And when getting married, hold on to your keys. The end.