Monday, November 23, 2009

More Awkwardness...

I know, me and even more could that have happened? I don't know why awkward things tend to happen to me, but oh well they keep life interesting right? So today I was in my microbiology class and I've already told you about the loud laugher right, so this story is about the same kid. I was taking notes and I got that feeling that someone was staring in my general direction so I look over and this kid is staring at my notes, which a normal quick glance would be fine, but he kept staring and staring. I finally just stared at him until he realized he was being weird and turned away. A minute later the girl sitting next to me started laughing I and I look over and he's staring at my stuff again! So I stared at him again and then he stopped ...again. Things seem to be back to normal and class was going on as boring as always when out of the corner of my eye I see him shove (this is not an exaggeration) his finger as far up his nose as possible and then moves his finger around for probably a solid minute and then wipes his finger on his pants! Sick! I wanted to puke! To top it all off we were talking about good hygiene and washing your hands a lot to avoid airborne illnesses. ha! what a strange day.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alright peps I've decided what to do with my life for the next two years (once again) and I am going to stay with my psychology major and minor in family studies. I think those two go hand in hand (well with my psychotic family at least (: ), so hopefully I will be able to be graduated by May 2011!! Woot Woot! Thats all.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Nate and Gwen were here like two weeks ago, I don't really know sometime in the near past haha and it was so much fun to see them and mostly to play with Gwen (sorry Nate). She is such a crazy child and you never know what your going to get so she keeps life very entertaining. Anyway Gwen is obsessed with the swing in devin's play room. She could stay in there and swing for hours. So I was pushing her on the swing and she was having fun and we would spin and do under dogs(as much as you can inside), but then Gwen looked at me and was like, "Hawey swing me" and to that I replied, "I am swinging you honey" and she would look at me and then say "Hawey Pwease" and I said, "Please what?" and she would just say "Pwease". So I just didn't say anything and I spun the swing and she yelled, "NO Hawey SWiNg me!" and then I would say once again, "I am swinging you!" and she would get mad and yell "SWING ME!" hahaha so once again I just wouldn't reply and this time she didn't reply back to my silence. So we kept swinging and things were going well, then once again Gwen looked frustrated at me and said "Pwease Hawey!" and I was like, "I thought we were past this!" and then it started all over again. I need to work on my communication with three year olds. But It was also way fun to see Gwen and Tiya together. Tiya loved Gwen, but Gwen just didn't care unless Tiya was getting more attention. By the end of the trip though she would give Tiya kisses and call her 'baby Tiya'. Here are some pics of the cute ones:
That was the best we could get of both of them, Tiya would attack Gwen and so Gwen would run away haha, but we tried to have a photo shoot, they just didn't quite cooperate.