Friday, October 29, 2010


I suck at blogging with pictures in it and so typically I don't, but here are some pics from what's been going on this fall. They aren't even close to in order, but at least you get the idea.

I could only get the kids to take a pic with me if we growled haha

So I got to go hang out with kiddos while Kim had her surgery. I had so much fun playing with my crazy beckham and sweet gwen. I miss them. Kim's surgery went well and all the cancer is out and everything (including baby girl) is looking good. For the record I didn't dress beck up in that fairy outfit, he did it on his own free will haha.
Tiya is so big! It's crazy to think how much she's grown. For some reason whenever I am watching her she gets messy. In that first pic aren't her thighs so stinkin cute?
Then Caleb's sisters had a halloween party and we decided to dress up as Mario and Princess Peach. He looks kind of like a creeper in that pic and one day I will get a normal pic and put it up here for everyone to see, but until that day here is a creepy one. It was a way fun party! We won best costume...yeah we're cool like that. So Kristi Kay I have to tell you that Caleb and I went to Lagoon and guess what? We went on the skycoaster!! It was so much fun and I was totally freaking out and Caleb was laughing at me and saying things like "What if the cable breaks and we land right onto the pavement and our guts go everywhere?" At the time it really wasn't funny, but now I can see the humor in it since I am still alive. Anyway it was so much fun it definitely got my adrenaline going. So Kris next time your up guess what we're doing?
So it's already snowing and this is no good. Like tuesday night Tori and I were hanging out at her house and it was snowing soo hard, pierce told tori not to let me drive home because he saw so many cars slide off the road! Isn't that crazy? But it was a good excuse to have a sleepover and we made delicious cookies so while I hate you snow, thank you.
School is basically insane. I should be doing homework right now, but I am so sick of it! I am taking nineteen credits so that I can graduate by may. I keep thinking that May is the date of my freedom! I'm excited for that! Oh so I was taking the shuttle on the first day of class(so a couple of months ago) and I actually got a seat which is so exciting. Anyway this girl that ended up standing in front of me had obviously never ridden the shuttle of death. She had one book in her hand and the other hand on her hip. I know that I should've told her to hold on or she was going to go flying into the person in front of her, but you know me. I couldn't help but keep my mouth shut and see what happens. Well the shuttle started and she went smack right into the person in front of her and it was pretty funny, but this girl just didn't get it!! She still didn't hold on until we went over a bump and she fell down onto the person sitting behind her! I was trying so hard not to laugh, but really I couldn't help it. She finally held on after that.
Anyway that's some of what's been going on! Have a fantastic day!

PS- The Murray Scaddy's opened! It's awesome you should go check it out!