Saturday, December 12, 2009

Its a Wonderful Life...

Every Christmas season I attempt to watch 'Its a Wonderful Life' and every year I remember how much I hate that movie. The beginning and the end are cute, but the rest is depressing and gets me so tense that I can't enjoy the movie. So after my once again failed attempt to watch what I call 'Its a horrible crappy life' I decided to watch 'Julie and Julia'. I love that movie. It makes me crave bruschetta. I've only had my mom's version of bruschetta (which is delicious) but wow all that butter on the bread and those ripe tomatoes, I am drooling (If you didn't know, I love food. I love trying new restaurants and new recipes). My mom and I youtubed Julia childs and that lady was hilarious. We watched her on a segment of David Letterman and she can bs her way through anything. They ended up eating raw ground beef with melted cheese on it. We were laughing so hard. I now really want to try to make a raspberry bavarian creme. Anyway that's my random thoughts. And can I just say that I love Christmas! I love Christmas lights, food, decorations, no school, the feeling of Christmas, and the focus on Christ. Thats all.

Monday, November 23, 2009

More Awkwardness...

I know, me and even more could that have happened? I don't know why awkward things tend to happen to me, but oh well they keep life interesting right? So today I was in my microbiology class and I've already told you about the loud laugher right, so this story is about the same kid. I was taking notes and I got that feeling that someone was staring in my general direction so I look over and this kid is staring at my notes, which a normal quick glance would be fine, but he kept staring and staring. I finally just stared at him until he realized he was being weird and turned away. A minute later the girl sitting next to me started laughing I and I look over and he's staring at my stuff again! So I stared at him again and then he stopped ...again. Things seem to be back to normal and class was going on as boring as always when out of the corner of my eye I see him shove (this is not an exaggeration) his finger as far up his nose as possible and then moves his finger around for probably a solid minute and then wipes his finger on his pants! Sick! I wanted to puke! To top it all off we were talking about good hygiene and washing your hands a lot to avoid airborne illnesses. ha! what a strange day.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Alright peps I've decided what to do with my life for the next two years (once again) and I am going to stay with my psychology major and minor in family studies. I think those two go hand in hand (well with my psychotic family at least (: ), so hopefully I will be able to be graduated by May 2011!! Woot Woot! Thats all.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Nate and Gwen were here like two weeks ago, I don't really know sometime in the near past haha and it was so much fun to see them and mostly to play with Gwen (sorry Nate). She is such a crazy child and you never know what your going to get so she keeps life very entertaining. Anyway Gwen is obsessed with the swing in devin's play room. She could stay in there and swing for hours. So I was pushing her on the swing and she was having fun and we would spin and do under dogs(as much as you can inside), but then Gwen looked at me and was like, "Hawey swing me" and to that I replied, "I am swinging you honey" and she would look at me and then say "Hawey Pwease" and I said, "Please what?" and she would just say "Pwease". So I just didn't say anything and I spun the swing and she yelled, "NO Hawey SWiNg me!" and then I would say once again, "I am swinging you!" and she would get mad and yell "SWING ME!" hahaha so once again I just wouldn't reply and this time she didn't reply back to my silence. So we kept swinging and things were going well, then once again Gwen looked frustrated at me and said "Pwease Hawey!" and I was like, "I thought we were past this!" and then it started all over again. I need to work on my communication with three year olds. But It was also way fun to see Gwen and Tiya together. Tiya loved Gwen, but Gwen just didn't care unless Tiya was getting more attention. By the end of the trip though she would give Tiya kisses and call her 'baby Tiya'. Here are some pics of the cute ones:
That was the best we could get of both of them, Tiya would attack Gwen and so Gwen would run away haha, but we tried to have a photo shoot, they just didn't quite cooperate.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Wow I've just realized that I never posted the final pictures of Scaddy's, I'm such a slacker sometimes! So here are the highly anticipated pics that everyone has been waiting for for like six whole weeks oh the anticipation! I think it turned out way good, and so many of you have come and supported!!! Thats been one of the funnest parts is seeing everyone!

Outside view
The back dining room

Menu board

Front dining room

Its been so much fun! but seriously I am so glad the painting and getting ready part is all done cuz that stuff was killer, but now its fun! I'm lovin working with the family and seeing people that I rarely get to see!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I bet you all have wondered, "What does a lip look like when it gets a mosquito bite?" Well people your wildest dreams are about to come true because I now can show you exactly what that looks like:

Last night I was attacked! I was lying in bed peacefully asleep when my foot and back both started itching. I of course being half asleep scratch them both and fell back asleep, but then my hand and leg started itching too. I semi-woke up and didn't know what was going on, but I tried to ignore them and was falling back asleep when I heard a buzzzz right by my face, I rose my hand in the air and sadly attempted to smack the maker of the horrible noise, but to no avail. It would leave for a second and then come back with a vengence. I was so groggy that it didn't occur to me to turn on the light and smack the terrible beast, so I kept waving my arm in the air and trying to go to sleep. I think then it found out my weakness in sleep because it left me alone to drift off and then I'm sure thats when it attacked my face. I don't know where the creature is now, but I hope it doesn't come back for round two tonight. I'm also hoping it wasn't a virus carrier...oh dang. Thats all.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Awkward moments in Shuttle Riding: #1

So I have decided to start a new segment on my blog dedicated to all those awkward times on the shuttle riding from the Dee Events Center to Weber State. Today's moment happened on my way back from Weber and I was headed to the DeeEv so I of course was one of the last ones to get to stand on the lovely shuttle. Now I know this is very high school but there is a system of 'cool' when standing on the shuttle: A) If you hold on with both hands while standing up = loser with no balance. B) If you face the back of the bus = not okay. C) You step on someones foot = jerk. D) Try to talk to the person standing next to you = your done. E) Do all these things at the same time = you should probably just go fall in a hole now. E is where I was today. I didn't mean to be such a dork, but with me it just naturally happens, now when I actually realized I was doing all these things that should never be done (oh the shame! but really I did get some strange looks) I decided 'screw it I'm gonna have some fun' I like to entertain myself (have you noticed?) So I decided to play a game(which I'm sure I'll play many more times) I face the side of the bus, put one hand on my hip and the other one holding onto the bar for dear life, then plant my feet side by side and see how long I can stay balanced before I hit into somebody or move my feet. I was doing way good, I would shift my balance beautifully although my arm was starting to get tired, but then the shuttle suddenly turned left and I smacked into the girl next to me, which of course made me laugh for unexplainable reasons. I think I made it for two minutes out of playing for probably three, so not too bad. Well thats all for today but i'm sure something new will happen on friday!

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day Back....

I still am amazed that summer is over and I am already back in school. Its weird. My classes don't start til 9:30 so when I get there of course I already know there won't be any parking spots so I parked at the Dee Events Center and rode the shuttle over to campus. I was the last one to fit onto the shuttle so I was standing with one hand holding onto a bar above my head the the other one just hanging out across my belly haha I felt like the Statue of Liberty which of course made me laugh literally out loud so the kid standing next to me gives me a weird look when the shuttle suddenly stops and I then smack into him. Ya I didn't keep my balance very well...poor kid. So my first class there is a deaf girl in it and she has a sign language translator in there with her and I was completely fascinated by how fast she could sign, I really don't remember anything the teacher said. Then I went to the institute for a minute to register and then back up to the lind lecture hall...clear across campus thats not going to be fun. But I got to my next class way early so I sat in front of the building and was just watching how people walk because I was at leg level. It was hilarious! I totally suggest just watching people walk, there are the tough guys that have a limp and one guys was so bad I really started laughing...ya people probably thought I was a lunatic today cuz I kept laughing out loud about nothing obvious. Then there were the girls that wear high heels that look so ridiculously uncomfortable and they walk so awkward, really if you walk like an idiot in shoes don't wear them, some girls can manage the high heel walk just fine, but others have serious issues. Then in my microbio class there are one of those annoying guys that laughs long and loud about anything the teacher know the type I'm talking about. The good thing about that though was that the girl sitting next to me also thought he was a lunatic so we became friends because of our shared annoyance that became entertainment throughout the class. So that was my first day back it was crazy, but it should be a good semester.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


No not the t.v show. Me. I am going to get a lot of crap for this but it was so funny haha today I was on my way to Scaddy's to do some more painting(of course) I was about to get off the exit when this car blocked me from getting over so slowed down to get behind it and it slowed down! I could not get over so I was ticked off and figured whatever I'll just get off at the next exit so I did. Go figure it was the exit for I-80 haha so I am going on forever! I pass an exit off I-80 because there was construction and i didn't see it til the last second so then I kept driving til I find another off ramp and finally I get off of I-80! It was the exit that takes you to Nordstrom Rack!!! I haven't been there in years but I guess I know how to get there now haha so now I have to figure out how to get back to Scaddy's and I know I am forever away from the freeway so thats not an option. So I'm clear up in Sugarhouse and I have to say I really like that place there are some way pretty houses! I'm just driving around trying to find a road that will take me way west when I run into Westminster college and it was the prettiest campus! the buildings are all old school and pretty. I was quite enjoying my ride even though I had not a clue where I was! So I got going west onto 1700 S because Scaddy's is on 1800 S so I figured it would take me all the way down. I hit 300 E and I turn left but it wasn't the right road, I was so confused for like ten minutes until I realized that Scaddy's is
on 300 W. haha So I finally got to Scaddy's after a good crazy adventure haha, but I realized that I don't know much about that area or any cool places in Salt Lake so I'm going to try and get lost more often there are lots of awesome places around here.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Celebrities Vs. Harry Potter

K so Tori (pierce's girlfriend) and I have been chatting and trying to decide which is better:

  • Tori believes that Celebrities are much more entertaining and provide more for the world than does HP. Her favorites are Gisele, The Olson Twins, and all such people. (We're talking more like their personal lives not movies or tv shows)

  • I Haley believe that Harry Potter is great entertainment and shows people good ethics like picking Dumbledore vs Voldemort and doing the right thing regardless of how hard that choice may be.(By the way I'm talking more about the books because they are better than the movies, but either way...)

Anyway what do you think?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Evolution of Scaddy's

So Scaddy's is definitely coming along! We have done a ton of work, but there is still so much to do! The building is set up really funky because there used to be two restaurants in one area so its been interesting trying to make it into one cohesive restaurant, with the pics you'll see that they didn't go together at all so now it is starting to match, the only ugly part is the periwinkle blue ceiling...sick. So here it is so far from the beginning to where we are at this point, and then I'll do a finale once the place is all set up:

This is the Taco Del Mar side of the building...that bamboo was the biggest pain to get off! Pictured are Trevy and my momma and others in the back.

This is the Slo Joe Side, it was a bbq place with the tackiest decorations that I think I have ever seen so nasty. But we ripped off the shingles and the picket fence and hopefully it'll look so much better!

This is where the two different ideas meet...precious. Oh and me and Tiya and the one dude named Doug.

Now we will get into how it is looking at this point:
So these are the colors...not the blue Here are Scottie and Daddy Scaddy painting it up
Below are Piercey and Trevy painting

Here I am thinking the painting will never ever end! Here is Tiya just chilling.
So obviously we still have a lot of work to do! but its getting there and when it does I will put up pics that actually show how sweet it is!
Some people have asked what we will be serving and the best way to explain Scaddy's is that it will be an upscale fast food. Everything will be fresh and delicious, its all about American food such as burgers, philly cheese, fries, chicken strips, milkshakes, and all sorts of yummy stuff!
Oh and nathy steal some of these pics and put them up on facebook because we need more than just the logo!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So tonight my madre and I went and saw HP6 (that means Harry Potter 6 by the way...I had to ask someone...I thought it was some type of a computer) and as I am almost done rereading the entire series (I still have half of the 7th left) oh and don't worry I won't give stuff away, but I did think it was semi-anti-climatic, like I needed more of a battle, but thats all I'm gonna say on that, but otherwise I thought that they did an awesome job! Some parts were so funny! There's this part where Filch the caretaker comes in and my mom and I just couldn't stop laughing because my cousins little boy once asked when he saw Filch, "Is that Jesus?" or something like that and I now think of Jesus everytime I see Filch so it is just funny. Anyway while my mom and I were walking back to my car I could not find the keys for what seemed forever and I just kept thinking "If I had a wand this would be so much easier!" I think that I have read too much HP lately because now whenever I'm doing something tedious or the lights are off and I need light I just think of the spell in my head and hope that something happens haha I'm seriously the biggest geek, but oh well I love me some Harry Potter!

Oh and p.s my father is opening a restaurant called Scaddy's and if you have facebook you should become a fan of it to get updates of when it is going to open and such! It'll be fun! I'm so excited!

Friday, May 15, 2009

It Happened...

I never thought the day would come that I would announce proudly that I am a TREKKY! haha I went and saw Star Trek and totally loved it! The main dude is ridiculously good looking and the show itself was funny and intense, everything it needed to be! I do have to admit that when they first showed the "bad guys" space ship I started laughing, to me it looks like a flying squid, but the rest of the movie was soooo good. I loved all the eye candy it offered as well as how I was completely drawn in the whole time. Wow that was a great film, but Spaq (however you spell his strange name) isn't really attractive and can't really act, but it was still fun.

A young hott William Shatner?

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Blog is Currently...

(Don't worry I will make things match)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

2 more days.....

I don't think that the next two days could possibly come by fast enough!!! I have three more finals and after 2:00 on tuesday I should be home free(hopefully it doesn't take me longer than that)! So my brain is about to burst from learning about prejudice to the quadratic formula to the pharmacokinetics of ginseng....I don't think my brain can take it anymore, thank goodness for summer! I am so looking forward to it...please come and stay soon. thats all.

P.S- How do you like the new look...I'm still not sure

Monday, March 16, 2009

Iowa Baby!

So During Spring Break I went to Iowa to hang out with Gwen girl while Beck was in the hospital with this new illness of his. It was so fun to play with the kiddos and to see Nate and Kim, seriously it had been what seemed like forever! But hopefully next time Beck will be feeling much better! Even with this crazy stuff going on in his system he is still so stinking funny and cute!
I love this one! Even with his bruises he's adorable!

Gwen was being a goof and wanted to play with the camera!
Yay! They shared!(Not normal)

One day Gwen was being her crazy self when she is just in her diaper and went and grabbed her pillow and made this bed on the floor as the rug as her blanket, I was laughing so hard this girl is crazy! Her doll wouldn't lay down flat and she would just scream at it hoping that it would listen to her.

She loves finger painting, but mostly just putting it on herself and then she would look at me and say,"I made a mess, its messy" it was so cute

she loves to play with water so I let her have a tea party everyday where she just dumped the water back and forth between the cups

Ya I had fun doing her hair!

She destroyed this slinky that was originally for Beckham and then carried it around with her everywhere saying that its her pack pack

Here's Beck with his helmet! I think he looks so cute! But it makes his head even bigger haha it made me laugh. This kid really has a huge noggin

He wanted the camera

Me and Gwen

I had so much fun playing with Gwen and then I would cook dinner and tried to make it on time for when Nathan got home. I felt so domestic! We also watched The Nightmare Before Christmas like 500 times because it is her favorite! Its so cute to watch her dance and sing to all the songs and she really knows all the right moves and words! It was really fun though, but sucked that Beckham was in the hospital for it! I sure hope he gets better soon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This morning I went on a run. I running not the norm because I have always thought that I hated running without proper motivation such as a soccer ball in front of my face. What I figured out is that I actually love running once I get going, but getting stretched and ready and waking up that part of it just isn't my thing. This morning though was so great! I got up at nine and got ready and got Molly all jazzed up to go and off we went. Molly is really great to run with except that she can poop while she is running right by my side so I don't even know she's doing it! I looked back at one point and there was a line of crap just right in a row haha what a nasty weird dog! But the point is I've decided to start working out so that my bod looks hot for summer and because I'm seriously out of shape! This really was the first time I worked out worked out for like a year! I've done wii fit and such, but thats not like intense cardio. I also realized with becoming a physical therapist assistant I'm going to need to be strong to help those people get better, it may require heavy lifting and with my noodle arms that just wouldn't happen! So I figured I will put it out there and let everyone know that I am getting fit because if more people know what I'm doing the higher the expectations and the more motivated I will be...hopefully. As far as food goes I don't think I'm going to change anything too drastically, just smaller portions and less junk, but mostly I want to focus on exercising!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am now going to do a little Picture dumping because
I haven't shown a lot, so here are some fun pics:
Baby Tiya was not happy with me for flashing lights at her, so she decided to karate chop me
And stick her tongue at me, she's so cute!

Lindsey and I after we decided not to eat sugar! haha that Lasted long...

Gwen girl and Molly

Fake Happy Gwen

Gwen came and played with us for a while which was so fun to see her!

I cut my hair!!! AHHH!

Me and the boys had an ugly picture taking contest

This was good, mostly Drew just stuck his arms out, not gettin the whole point of the face, but this one is good!

On our way to Lake Powell!!!!


So I finally know what I want to do with my life! Wahoo! You people out there who know me best are probably thinking "Ya right give it a week and there will be something else" Well while that is typically spot on I think that I really know what direction I am going now. So here is what I want to do...drum roll please...I want to be a Physical Therapist assistant! I know thats sort of anti-climatic but I'm excited! So Devdog has been going water therapy since his bad breaking arm fall and he has loved it and he is also getting much stronger, so I went with my momma to observe and it looks like something that I would love! I've always known that a desk job is just not for me so this gets me moving and while its work its still fun(for the most part), After dev's session was over I talked to his therapist and she said that I could shadow her and do all sorts of fun stuff to really make sure that its something I want to do! YAY! Its great to have something to work towards! The end

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have another job...I am now a waitress at wait...ya you guessed it Lonestar. Training was really boring learning all about alcohol and how to serve it correctly and such which is way boring and then I got to train with other people aka I do their job and they get my tip!!! haha anyway on friday it was the first day I was somewhat on my own, I got to keep the tips and it was pretty fun nothing too bad happened. Today training was officially over and I am now completely on my own with this one!!! AHHH! haha so I started off the night by placing the wrong order--which luckily she liked it better that what she had originally ordered so on that one I was safe, but then some cute old ladies came in and I was taking them some water and boooooshhhh I spilled a glass of water all over this poor old lady!!!! I was trying so hard not to laugh, but it was really hard! She stood up real quick and I was able to get the water situation under control, but then she started exclaiming that she can't find her CTR ring and so I am crawling on the floor inbetween their legs trying to find this ring and I am not seeing it anywhere, we even got a flashlight to check all the cracks and such but then I stand up after like five minutes on the floor and it was right in front of my face...go figure. When I gave her the ring they all just started laughing over the whole thing(luckily) and they ended up giving me a pretty decent tip. I think it gave them more excitement then their used to. haha so the rest of the night was pretty good ranging from funny drunk germans to the most adorable 9 month old twins. At least it kept me entertained. I think i'm going to like this job...the end

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Post Secret

I have to admit that I am now addicted to reading the Post Secret blog! It's where people send in post cards that have their secrets on them and then they post them on the blog for everyone in the world to see. Some of them are so funny and others are ridiculously sad, but either way it is something interesting to read about how other people view life. the link is check it out!