Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh bad words...

I have to tell my disgusting yet hilarious experience of last night. I was laying in my bed reading Fablehaven (which is an awesome book!) late last night and for some reason I started thinking about how sick spiders are..(oh I was laughing to myself about the Drew story...which I will sum up later) and then a sick black thick legged spider comes scurrying right by my face on my wall!!! I jumped up so fast and started giggling like a little girl. This spider was hauling though I have no idea why it was moving so fast. So I watched it for a second 'cause I wanted to know where it was so that I could find something to trap it in. Well I couldn't find anything to trap it in, so I had to go to the disgusting second resort of squishing the dang thing. Well I go into the bathroom and get a couple of kleenex, but of course when I come back into my room the ugly beast had disappeared. The first thought that came to my mind was that I should just go sleep on Devin's bed. Then the side of my brain that won't be pushed around by a spider kicked in and said No this is your bed you're going to sleep in it. Then the two halves of my brain compromised and I turned my pillows and bedding around so that my face wasn't by a wall. So I turn my lamp by my bed back on and turn off my light and right when I picked up my book again the dark arachnid sprang into life and zoomed right up my wall. Once again I jump up and start giggling. I was prepared this time though. I had my kleenex at the ready. My heart rate started spiking and I stood up on my bed, but the stupid thing would not go to its grave easily. It put up quite a fight running all over my wall. I decided the only way to defeat the beast would be to do a sideways swipe and move with its movements. It started into a downward dive, I mimicked the move and started closing in, I swiped and I thought I had him but when the kleenex came up he was still on the wall which scared the crap out of me and I might have said a few choice words...maybe not (you'll never know). Then I realized that it was just stuck to the wall, but the squishing had been quite successful. I wiped up the rest of him and that ends the story. But it was very intense at the time.
Now for the Drew story because I think it is hilarious. I only read a facebook post of this so I haven't had the whole story, so please Ryan and Holly feel free to add on the comments. All I know is that my hilarious little cousin Drew called 911 17 times in one minute because he saw a spider!!! And the cops went by the house and everything! haha what a funny kid!
Anyway thats all for tonight!

P.s - Dev's doing pretty good, he's slowly progressing but is now able to crawl for a short amount of time, but that's definitely some progress!