Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have another job...I am now a waitress at wait...ya you guessed it Lonestar. Training was really boring learning all about alcohol and how to serve it correctly and such which is way boring and then I got to train with other people aka I do their job and they get my tip!!! haha anyway on friday it was the first day I was somewhat on my own, I got to keep the tips and it was pretty fun nothing too bad happened. Today training was officially over and I am now completely on my own with this one!!! AHHH! haha so I started off the night by placing the wrong order--which luckily she liked it better that what she had originally ordered so on that one I was safe, but then some cute old ladies came in and I was taking them some water and boooooshhhh I spilled a glass of water all over this poor old lady!!!! I was trying so hard not to laugh, but it was really hard! She stood up real quick and I was able to get the water situation under control, but then she started exclaiming that she can't find her CTR ring and so I am crawling on the floor inbetween their legs trying to find this ring and I am not seeing it anywhere, we even got a flashlight to check all the cracks and such but then I stand up after like five minutes on the floor and it was right in front of my face...go figure. When I gave her the ring they all just started laughing over the whole thing(luckily) and they ended up giving me a pretty decent tip. I think it gave them more excitement then their used to. haha so the rest of the night was pretty good ranging from funny drunk germans to the most adorable 9 month old twins. At least it kept me entertained. I think i'm going to like this job...the end

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Post Secret

I have to admit that I am now addicted to reading the Post Secret blog! It's where people send in post cards that have their secrets on them and then they post them on the blog for everyone in the world to see. Some of them are so funny and others are ridiculously sad, but either way it is something interesting to read about how other people view life. the link is postsecret.blogspot.com check it out!