Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dumbledore vs. Gandalf

Hey ya'll so lately Caleb and I have been having Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring marathons. I even got him reading all the HP books! (that was my plan all along) In having these marathons though we have had a problem deciding who is the better and most powerful wizard:

So Gandalf is pretty intense. He is really limber for an old dude.

Dumbledore has all sorts of crazy spells that he knows. His knowledge of everything is impressive.

They both are humorous as well as crazy good wizards. The question is which one would come out on top if they dueled?

Any opinions because we both like Dumbledore better, but that doesn't mean he would kick Gandalf's trash (but i think he could)

haha yeah this is how we spend our time. We're that cool. Have a nice day :)