Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm gettin Married!!!

BAH! Life is crazy isn't it? So on July 8th we went on our first date, which by the way was incredible and now we're getting hitched on May 20th. For those of you who don't know I'm marrying Caleb Michael Brinkerhoff (yeah I'm getting a super long and just as weird last name). So basically he's awesome. Here is our engagement story:
We both needed to do some Christmas shopping so we decided to go to the Layton Hills mall and finish up. While we were shopping around we were passing the santa booth where all the lil kids get their pics with santa and I was joking around and told Caleb that we should stop and get our pic with santa. He was totally for it which completely shocked me, but I still wasn't expecting anything at all. So we were sitting on santa's lap and santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I first thought A ring! but I ended up saying a basketball. When he asked Caleb what he wanted Caleb said I want Haley. I thought he was just being cute but then he said 'but really' and then he got down on his knee which shocked me and I looked at him and said 'Are you serious?'and he started laughing and then said 'Haley I love you will you marry me?' Whoa!! haha I was so shocked! but of course I said yes!!! When Caleb was putting the ring on my finger he was shaking so bad that Santa told him to stop shaking son and put the ring on haha! The funny part was that when he did get the ring on and we were hugging and kissin everyone in line started clapping and then I looked over and a lot of the ladies were crying haha! I didn't cry but I did get teary.The reason why I wasn't expecting him to propose is because he had been doing the 12 days of Christmas for me and I thought that he did that to throw me off. But he gave me the ring on day 8 and I thought if he did do it he would do it on Christmas, so I just didn't see it coming ha!He had planned to do it by santa in the first place and I just played into his plan very conveniently!

Here is my ring :) its a horrible pic but you can see that it is incredible!! I love my ring and Caleb so much!!! It's still kinda weird to me that I'm getting married but I'm so excited because I can't picture the rest of my life without Caleb in it. Anyway folks that's all I got for now but I'm sure I will keep ya updated with wedding stuff!