Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day Back....

I still am amazed that summer is over and I am already back in school. Its weird. My classes don't start til 9:30 so when I get there of course I already know there won't be any parking spots so I parked at the Dee Events Center and rode the shuttle over to campus. I was the last one to fit onto the shuttle so I was standing with one hand holding onto a bar above my head the the other one just hanging out across my belly haha I felt like the Statue of Liberty which of course made me laugh literally out loud so the kid standing next to me gives me a weird look when the shuttle suddenly stops and I then smack into him. Ya I didn't keep my balance very well...poor kid. So my first class there is a deaf girl in it and she has a sign language translator in there with her and I was completely fascinated by how fast she could sign, I really don't remember anything the teacher said. Then I went to the institute for a minute to register and then back up to the lind lecture hall...clear across campus thats not going to be fun. But I got to my next class way early so I sat in front of the building and was just watching how people walk because I was at leg level. It was hilarious! I totally suggest just watching people walk, there are the tough guys that have a limp and one guys was so bad I really started laughing...ya people probably thought I was a lunatic today cuz I kept laughing out loud about nothing obvious. Then there were the girls that wear high heels that look so ridiculously uncomfortable and they walk so awkward, really if you walk like an idiot in shoes don't wear them, some girls can manage the high heel walk just fine, but others have serious issues. Then in my microbio class there are one of those annoying guys that laughs long and loud about anything the teacher know the type I'm talking about. The good thing about that though was that the girl sitting next to me also thought he was a lunatic so we became friends because of our shared annoyance that became entertainment throughout the class. So that was my first day back it was crazy, but it should be a good semester.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


No not the t.v show. Me. I am going to get a lot of crap for this but it was so funny haha today I was on my way to Scaddy's to do some more painting(of course) I was about to get off the exit when this car blocked me from getting over so slowed down to get behind it and it slowed down! I could not get over so I was ticked off and figured whatever I'll just get off at the next exit so I did. Go figure it was the exit for I-80 haha so I am going on forever! I pass an exit off I-80 because there was construction and i didn't see it til the last second so then I kept driving til I find another off ramp and finally I get off of I-80! It was the exit that takes you to Nordstrom Rack!!! I haven't been there in years but I guess I know how to get there now haha so now I have to figure out how to get back to Scaddy's and I know I am forever away from the freeway so thats not an option. So I'm clear up in Sugarhouse and I have to say I really like that place there are some way pretty houses! I'm just driving around trying to find a road that will take me way west when I run into Westminster college and it was the prettiest campus! the buildings are all old school and pretty. I was quite enjoying my ride even though I had not a clue where I was! So I got going west onto 1700 S because Scaddy's is on 1800 S so I figured it would take me all the way down. I hit 300 E and I turn left but it wasn't the right road, I was so confused for like ten minutes until I realized that Scaddy's is
on 300 W. haha So I finally got to Scaddy's after a good crazy adventure haha, but I realized that I don't know much about that area or any cool places in Salt Lake so I'm going to try and get lost more often there are lots of awesome places around here.