Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am now going to do a little Picture dumping because
I haven't shown a lot, so here are some fun pics:
Baby Tiya was not happy with me for flashing lights at her, so she decided to karate chop me
And stick her tongue at me, she's so cute!

Lindsey and I after we decided not to eat sugar! haha that Lasted long...

Gwen girl and Molly

Fake Happy Gwen

Gwen came and played with us for a while which was so fun to see her!

I cut my hair!!! AHHH!

Me and the boys had an ugly picture taking contest

This was good, mostly Drew just stuck his arms out, not gettin the whole point of the face, but this one is good!

On our way to Lake Powell!!!!


So I finally know what I want to do with my life! Wahoo! You people out there who know me best are probably thinking "Ya right give it a week and there will be something else" Well while that is typically spot on I think that I really know what direction I am going now. So here is what I want to do...drum roll please...I want to be a Physical Therapist assistant! I know thats sort of anti-climatic but I'm excited! So Devdog has been going water therapy since his bad breaking arm fall and he has loved it and he is also getting much stronger, so I went with my momma to observe and it looks like something that I would love! I've always known that a desk job is just not for me so this gets me moving and while its work its still fun(for the most part), After dev's session was over I talked to his therapist and she said that I could shadow her and do all sorts of fun stuff to really make sure that its something I want to do! YAY! Its great to have something to work towards! The end