Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I am now going to do a little Picture dumping because
I haven't shown a lot, so here are some fun pics:
Baby Tiya was not happy with me for flashing lights at her, so she decided to karate chop me
And stick her tongue at me, she's so cute!

Lindsey and I after we decided not to eat sugar! haha that Lasted long...

Gwen girl and Molly

Fake Happy Gwen

Gwen came and played with us for a while which was so fun to see her!

I cut my hair!!! AHHH!

Me and the boys had an ugly picture taking contest

This was good, mostly Drew just stuck his arms out, not gettin the whole point of the face, but this one is good!

On our way to Lake Powell!!!!


Tibi said...

Haha Wow! Looks like you have been having a lot of fun lately! :D

Ryan & Holly Willard said...

Cute pictures! Drew is king of sticking his tongue out. Tiya is getting so big, she looks a lot like Dain in the second picture.