Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Singing in my Car

So I will post later some fun stuff that I've been up to but until then please enjoy this story. The other day I found my Queen's Greatest Hits cd and I was so excited to listen to it! It was wonderful for the long drive all the way up to Weber! It really woke me up and made it so that I didn't fall completely asleep in my 8:00 class. So school gets over and I get in my car and start to drive to work. Then comes on my favorite Queen song...Fat Bottom Girls! I was singing at the very top of my lungs and I was totally into it, then I got the feeling that I was being watched DUN Dun dun... and I was. I looked over to my right(I was stopped at a light) and there are these two boys just laughing their heads off staring at me. So of course I feel awkward, but at the same time I'm mad because they just made me forget about my favorite song that I was really enjoying singing to. So the light turns green and the driver is driving but still staring at me just waiting for me to start again so I looked at him and just gave the biggest cheesy smile and then crusty. hehe He stopped looking at me after that and then I put the song on again and went on my merry way. Seriously what is so fascinating about someone belting out a sweet tune in their car? I think it is very theraputic. thats all.