Saturday, August 30, 2008


Alright this one is a biggie! I think I owe it to an amazing summer so I decided to post all of the fun things that I did! I don't have pics of flaming gorge and bear lake but they were awesome and thanks pops for hauling my butt around on a wakeboard for so long!!! I loved it! Now I'm not the best blogger so I hope this all makes sense, but these are not in any particular order, they just happened at some point! This is my Salute to Summer!

Here are Chelsy, Jess, and I at Liberty park! We started off on the ferris wheel and made our way to the paddle boats to go around the pond of death!(There were dead ducks floating around!sick) And then we went to Astro burger. Chels and Jess got these amazing burgers. I ordered salmon, and they brought it out raw!!! sick! I love sushi but I can't handle a huge chunk of raw fish! Thats just nasty!

Lindsey and I had so much fun playing at Newport beach in California! We went to California for my great aunt Virginia's funeral. She was such a sweet lady and will be greatly missed!
Oh man big wave!
After the beach we were still excited!
I could not get my eyes to open all the way!!! It was so weird so for like and hour that is how my eyes looked. I really think I look stoned, but I wasn't! haha

Our first night there we stayed at such a ghetto hotel! I found a nasty sock(below) in the sheets of our bed! ahhhh it was disgusting
This is the lock we had to lock our door. Not exactly effective.
Ya we were freaked out!
And my funny grandparents with their tennis shoes on! haha What goofs! Notice that this is a much nicer hotel room! I didn't want to give up that bed!

Kenyon took me to see Brian Reagan at Thanksgiving Point. These were the best pics I got and they're pretty bad, but thats all I got! I thought he was pretty funny, but Kenyon thought otherwise. It was a fun night though! I slipped in a puddle and soaked my jeans and then we laughed and spilled all the mike n ikes. Oh man crazy day!

One day Devin and I were playing and laughing and such then we both just crashed! We were so tired! haha and my mom was there to get the picture of it! It's not a flattering picture, but it was funny.
Jess invited me to go play at her cabin for a weekend and it is somewhere in utah that is pretty! It was way fun! We went and found all of these little lakes and then we got lost on our way back trying to find her cabin! haha Oh man that was entertaining!
Kim, Nate, Gwen and Beckham came to see us! It was so much fun! Unfortunately these are the only pictures that I got of that. So here is Gwen barely awake! haha It was so fun to play with her and Beckham! I love them and I think that they should move back to Utah!

Alright this is me and Cecilia (my 'little sister') and we went and played at liberty park. She got a little camera happy. It was so funny to watch her try to sneak up on the geese!
And then the wakeboarding season began! I love the picture where my toenails match my board beautifully! So this is my first time ever wakeboarding and we went to Utah Lake. And then my momma boarded as well and did awesome and then decided to be a cowgirl on the tube! haha she's so funny!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Oh man its weird to be back in school. I really like most of my classes though and I think that I'll learn a lot! But then there is my computer class. It is a required class so I have to take it even though it is ridiculous! The people in there seriously had to have grown up in the middle ages! They know nothing at all about computers and they're my age, what is wrong with the world? So yesterday I get to class and I sit down and turn on my computer and log in and all that fun stuff. Then this kid comes and sits by me. He is pushing the keys moving the mouse and clicking trying to get the screen to pop up. I know that in this instance I could have been nice and just helped him, but I took the less noble road and I started counting in my head how long it would take him to figure out he has to turn it on. I got to 46 seconds, which is a long time to be pushing keys, when he turned to me and was like, "Is there a trick to getting the screen to come up?" It took all I had to not laugh and then I said, "Well you have to turn it on." I could tell that he felt way stupid, but I thought it was so funny! Then throughout the rest of the class this poor kid just did not get it. A lot of people didn't understand the things that I thought were mandatory to live in this age, like where the start button is on the computer. Anyway weird, but at least it kept me entertained!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Yum Blueberry

You Are a Blueberry Flavored Popsicle

You are a very unusual person. For you, summer is all about adventure and travel.

You are brilliant and bright. Your mind is always sharp and working at full capacity.

You seek out new and different experiences. You get bored very easily.

You are very creative. Of all of the types, you're the most likely to invent a new popsicle.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Wow! That is all I have to say and for the sake of not ruining anything for other people I will give a very generic version of my thoughts on this! First off this is the strangest book of all of them, seriously weird. I loved it though and the end is great! I will say though that I wanted certain characters to die and they just didn't! Thats all

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Batman and Vampires

Last night Natalie and I went and saw Batman and wow I thought it was awesome! There were some disturbing parts for sure but the crazy thing is The Joker would be killing someone and I would be sitting there laughing! Man that got my attention. He was hilarious but no wonder he went nutty in real life! Then on Monday I went and bought Breaking Dawn and I am on around page 540 or something and all I can say since I don't want to ruin it for the rest of you is WHAT? Anyway once one of you out there finishes it give me a holler because I need to talk about this! So that has been my mythological week so far.