Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm gettin Married!!!

BAH! Life is crazy isn't it? So on July 8th we went on our first date, which by the way was incredible and now we're getting hitched on May 20th. For those of you who don't know I'm marrying Caleb Michael Brinkerhoff (yeah I'm getting a super long and just as weird last name). So basically he's awesome. Here is our engagement story:
We both needed to do some Christmas shopping so we decided to go to the Layton Hills mall and finish up. While we were shopping around we were passing the santa booth where all the lil kids get their pics with santa and I was joking around and told Caleb that we should stop and get our pic with santa. He was totally for it which completely shocked me, but I still wasn't expecting anything at all. So we were sitting on santa's lap and santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I first thought A ring! but I ended up saying a basketball. When he asked Caleb what he wanted Caleb said I want Haley. I thought he was just being cute but then he said 'but really' and then he got down on his knee which shocked me and I looked at him and said 'Are you serious?'and he started laughing and then said 'Haley I love you will you marry me?' Whoa!! haha I was so shocked! but of course I said yes!!! When Caleb was putting the ring on my finger he was shaking so bad that Santa told him to stop shaking son and put the ring on haha! The funny part was that when he did get the ring on and we were hugging and kissin everyone in line started clapping and then I looked over and a lot of the ladies were crying haha! I didn't cry but I did get teary.The reason why I wasn't expecting him to propose is because he had been doing the 12 days of Christmas for me and I thought that he did that to throw me off. But he gave me the ring on day 8 and I thought if he did do it he would do it on Christmas, so I just didn't see it coming ha!He had planned to do it by santa in the first place and I just played into his plan very conveniently!

Here is my ring :) its a horrible pic but you can see that it is incredible!! I love my ring and Caleb so much!!! It's still kinda weird to me that I'm getting married but I'm so excited because I can't picture the rest of my life without Caleb in it. Anyway folks that's all I got for now but I'm sure I will keep ya updated with wedding stuff!

Friday, October 29, 2010


I suck at blogging with pictures in it and so typically I don't, but here are some pics from what's been going on this fall. They aren't even close to in order, but at least you get the idea.

I could only get the kids to take a pic with me if we growled haha

So I got to go hang out with kiddos while Kim had her surgery. I had so much fun playing with my crazy beckham and sweet gwen. I miss them. Kim's surgery went well and all the cancer is out and everything (including baby girl) is looking good. For the record I didn't dress beck up in that fairy outfit, he did it on his own free will haha.
Tiya is so big! It's crazy to think how much she's grown. For some reason whenever I am watching her she gets messy. In that first pic aren't her thighs so stinkin cute?
Then Caleb's sisters had a halloween party and we decided to dress up as Mario and Princess Peach. He looks kind of like a creeper in that pic and one day I will get a normal pic and put it up here for everyone to see, but until that day here is a creepy one. It was a way fun party! We won best costume...yeah we're cool like that. So Kristi Kay I have to tell you that Caleb and I went to Lagoon and guess what? We went on the skycoaster!! It was so much fun and I was totally freaking out and Caleb was laughing at me and saying things like "What if the cable breaks and we land right onto the pavement and our guts go everywhere?" At the time it really wasn't funny, but now I can see the humor in it since I am still alive. Anyway it was so much fun it definitely got my adrenaline going. So Kris next time your up guess what we're doing?
So it's already snowing and this is no good. Like tuesday night Tori and I were hanging out at her house and it was snowing soo hard, pierce told tori not to let me drive home because he saw so many cars slide off the road! Isn't that crazy? But it was a good excuse to have a sleepover and we made delicious cookies so while I hate you snow, thank you.
School is basically insane. I should be doing homework right now, but I am so sick of it! I am taking nineteen credits so that I can graduate by may. I keep thinking that May is the date of my freedom! I'm excited for that! Oh so I was taking the shuttle on the first day of class(so a couple of months ago) and I actually got a seat which is so exciting. Anyway this girl that ended up standing in front of me had obviously never ridden the shuttle of death. She had one book in her hand and the other hand on her hip. I know that I should've told her to hold on or she was going to go flying into the person in front of her, but you know me. I couldn't help but keep my mouth shut and see what happens. Well the shuttle started and she went smack right into the person in front of her and it was pretty funny, but this girl just didn't get it!! She still didn't hold on until we went over a bump and she fell down onto the person sitting behind her! I was trying so hard not to laugh, but really I couldn't help it. She finally held on after that.
Anyway that's some of what's been going on! Have a fantastic day!

PS- The Murray Scaddy's opened! It's awesome you should go check it out!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm very good at stalling when trying to clean my room. I hoped by now I would have grown out of that, but I haven't.
When cleaning my room today I did more of a deep clean than usual. I looked in my closet and realized I only wear 4 pairs of shoes out of the 50 that are in there. So I threw away 14 whole pairs of shoes and gave away 13 to the DI. I don't think I even realized I owned that many shoes until I cleaned them out. That's sad.
Then I went through all of my college stuff again that I haven't touched in 3 years since I went to SUU. Let's just say that I threw away enough expired canned food to keep me living for at least a week.
So I've been kind of obsessed with the show Hoarders that's on TLC (I think) and after the dejunking of my room today I diagnosed myself with a mild case of hoarderism. After realzing that I have an issue I wanted to throw everything away because the houses in that show completely disgust me and I don't want to end up like that and after seeing my crap today I know that I could end up like that if I'm not careful...sick... I don't want to think about that.

This background reminds me of the doodles I would draw...still draw on every page of notes from school. I'm super cool like that.

So I'm dating a super cute guy. Yeah, that's right.

School starts in approximately t-minus 12 days. I'm pretty sure its going to be ridiculously stressful and probably traumatizing. Oh I've missed really though. I have.

I saw Charlie St. Cloud. I think I laughed through a good portion of the movie, teared up once, and vowed never to watch it again. Strange movie.

I love summer so much. I wish it would stay a little bit longer.

In twoish months I'm going to be turning 23. This freaks me out a bit. I don't feel mature enough to be older than 17.

I'm reading the book Fishers of Men, and I didn't think that I would like it, but really it is so good! I totally recommend it.

Who wants to go see Eat Pray Love? I'm pretty sure I do. Let's go! (Hey was this originally a book? and if so was it good?)

Hey guess what? My brother can now get out of his brace and play on the floor! Woot Woot! Way to go dude! The progress may be slow, but at least now its coming.

Well folks thats all for now and probably a while until I find inspiration, but I guess shuttle riding will be coming up soon so stayed tuned for that fun stuff! ha!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh bad words...

I have to tell my disgusting yet hilarious experience of last night. I was laying in my bed reading Fablehaven (which is an awesome book!) late last night and for some reason I started thinking about how sick spiders are..(oh I was laughing to myself about the Drew story...which I will sum up later) and then a sick black thick legged spider comes scurrying right by my face on my wall!!! I jumped up so fast and started giggling like a little girl. This spider was hauling though I have no idea why it was moving so fast. So I watched it for a second 'cause I wanted to know where it was so that I could find something to trap it in. Well I couldn't find anything to trap it in, so I had to go to the disgusting second resort of squishing the dang thing. Well I go into the bathroom and get a couple of kleenex, but of course when I come back into my room the ugly beast had disappeared. The first thought that came to my mind was that I should just go sleep on Devin's bed. Then the side of my brain that won't be pushed around by a spider kicked in and said No this is your bed you're going to sleep in it. Then the two halves of my brain compromised and I turned my pillows and bedding around so that my face wasn't by a wall. So I turn my lamp by my bed back on and turn off my light and right when I picked up my book again the dark arachnid sprang into life and zoomed right up my wall. Once again I jump up and start giggling. I was prepared this time though. I had my kleenex at the ready. My heart rate started spiking and I stood up on my bed, but the stupid thing would not go to its grave easily. It put up quite a fight running all over my wall. I decided the only way to defeat the beast would be to do a sideways swipe and move with its movements. It started into a downward dive, I mimicked the move and started closing in, I swiped and I thought I had him but when the kleenex came up he was still on the wall which scared the crap out of me and I might have said a few choice words...maybe not (you'll never know). Then I realized that it was just stuck to the wall, but the squishing had been quite successful. I wiped up the rest of him and that ends the story. But it was very intense at the time.
Now for the Drew story because I think it is hilarious. I only read a facebook post of this so I haven't had the whole story, so please Ryan and Holly feel free to add on the comments. All I know is that my hilarious little cousin Drew called 911 17 times in one minute because he saw a spider!!! And the cops went by the house and everything! haha what a funny kid!
Anyway thats all for tonight!

P.s - Dev's doing pretty good, he's slowly progressing but is now able to crawl for a short amount of time, but that's definitely some progress!

Monday, April 26, 2010

oh goodness

I think that a lot of you already know, but others don't so here is another update on the lil dude. Well he was home for approximately a day and a half and then his butt got hauled back up to the hospital, poor kid. The day they took him back up my mom was noticing that he still wasn't acting quite right and that he had a mild fever. So she got ready and she, pops, and tibs took dev back up. Well since the doctors didn't quite know where to start they decided to re-x-ray his hip and make sure it was alright, so they did a full pelvic x-ray and while they were examing it they realized that there was an identical fracture on his other hip! Ya, I'm serious. So they scheduled him for surgery that night(friday) and he has been in recovery since then. On sunday and saturday he was pretty out of it and his seizures were back to being horrible. Today though he was more awake and playful but still fairly tired. Well I hope I don't jinx the dude when I say I think we are finally out of the woods and are on to greener pastures. I mean really there has to be a point when the crazy stops right? We are thinking he will hopefully be able to come home tomorrow and just keep improving from there. Really thank you so much to everyone who has come to visit, called, text, commented, and cared. It means a lot to our family!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Devin's HOME!!!

Alright well I accidently did my dev update on my families blog, so I am going to send you there.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Alright well there have been lots going on with our little dude. The first three days we were here at the hospital we had not a clue what was going on. None of the doctors seemed to have a clue even where to start with the poor kid. Meanwhile he is still having at least 1 seizure every 5-10 minutes throughout the night. Then on saturday dev's orthopedic doctor came in and within 3 minutes knew that something was wrong with his hip. Although it sucks that he's hurt it is such a relief to know where the pain is coming from. My mom calls the ortho doc Miracle Max(princess bride) and I call him Dr. Incredible. So he got an mri that afternoon and Dr. Incredible thought that there was an infection in his hip which would be very painful and could trigger a lot of seizures. well the mri also showed a possibly minor hip fracture, but they weren't sure if it really existed or not. A lot of doctors came in including: Dr. fancy pants, Dr. goody tu shoes, Dr. Incredible, and Dr. Compensate (ya we've got to entertain ourselves somehow) So they started him on an antibiotic and inserted a pic line. Well we were thinking that we would be out of here by the end of the week hopefully. We don't think that anymore. Today a doctor ordered more x-rays and we didn't really know why. Come to find out there is a definite fracture on his hip and it keeps getting worse and the only way to fix it is surgically. Yeah. So dev is going into surgery at some point tomorrow and they aren't sure when but probably tomorrow night. Right now he still can't sit up and won' move his legs still (can't blame him). The cute kid though is feeling better and is laughing and messing with the nurses. As I type he is trying to push my mom off the bed and is giggling like crazy. He is too dang funny and he knows it. The nurses have all gotten to love the kid too. One of them washed his hair with the no rinse shampoo and then spent like ten minutes styling his hair. It was pretty entertaining. So as it is we have no idea how long we will be here at primaries, but oh well, whatever gets the dude better. Thanks so much to everyone who text, called and commented! It means a lot to us! I'll let ya know how the surgery went.

Friday, April 9, 2010


So have you ever felt like your life is slowly spinning out of control? Well the last couple of days I have. Wednesday was probably the most traumatizing morning of my entire life. I don't really want to get into the nitty gritty details, but to sum up when Devin woke up he could not move his body at all. He could wiggle his fingers and that is it. If you know Devin you know that sitting still is not his thing so something is terribly wrong. After getting a priesthood blessing from my uncles since pops was already in Lehi my mom called the ambulance and they stuck him on a stretcher and whisked him away to primaries. So that is where currently my saintly mother and devdog are (and tibi, thanks so so much for being there!! you've been so great!). Then today after work I was on my way home to shower and then head up back to the hospital when I slowly realize that there is this horrible grinding noise coming from my front left tire. Yeah it really took me a whole minute to figure out that I had a flat on the freeway! So I turned on my hazards and went to the side of the freeway and called my dad. Luckily I knew he was at the salt lake store so he could come help. Meanwhile I figured it was a lovely day outside and I knew my dad wouldn't get there for a few minutes so I decided to sit on the cement barrier that I was parked next to. I started texting someone and then after a few minutes I looked up and a man is walking towards me. He told me that his name is Lance and that he has three daughters and wouldn't feel good about himself if he didn't stop to help me. I almost started crying because I thought that it was so nice of him to help me. I told him my dad was on his way, but he said he would at least get me started. He was really fast though because when my dad got there he was done. (I had never changed a tire before, but it doesn't look that hard so next time I think I'll just try to do it first.) So I thanked Lance a whole load and so did my pops and then Lance drove away. I just thought it was awesome of him to stop to help me, it's good to know that people are still nice! Then my dad gave me the look, the look that says "I've been telling you for a whole year to get your dang tires changed." and I smiled and then he smiled and gave me a hug and went on his way to the hospital. I took the back roads home with the spare. (Did I mention he opened a Scaddy's in Lehi? Well he did and it's awesome!) I went and got my tires changed and now I am here at home getting ready to go back to the hospital. So even though pops didn't change my tire I am so glad that I have a dad that will come help me whenever I need it, even if he is super busy! So ya. OH I think you may be wondering how devin is doing. Well I don't know. Yesterday he lifted his arms over his head so that was awesome! He still won't move his legs much though and still can't sit up. He got an MRI today and I guess we'll have to see if that shows anything. His seizures are really really bad right now, but they switched his medication and hopefully they will calm down soon. Well I better get going. I hope you don't blow a tire today.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Right now I can choose to:
  • Do all my homework that I have been avoiding since Spring Break started (which is quite a lot). or..
  • I could spend my last night of freedom being free and having fun.

Rough choice, I know what I should do but don't know whether I'm willing to do it right now or not.

In good news I have my school all figured out so that I can graduate next may! Only one more year and I am done!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

luck continued...

I forgot to put the super awesome good luck that had originally inspired this post, but somewhere along the way forgot about. As far as my car goes I normally get screwed. I end up paying much more for parking tickets and for repairs then I would have originally thought, but all in one day I got lucky. I told you that I was running late for my test and parked in a spot which I don't have a permit for, but I didn't tell you that when I came out and I DIDN'T get a ticket!! Wahoo!! That has never happened to me ever!(I've done it a lot and have always gotten a ticket, I should just buy a permit I know) But I was sooo happy that karma gave me a break! Then my check engine light had been on for like three weeks so I decided to finally take it in. My mom and I went shopping while they checked it out and when we went back my car guy(I don't know his name, but I go to him for all car issues) he came up to me and was like "a tube popped off, but I just stuck it back on and I changed a blinker bulb so the keys are in the car and you're good to go" and I was like "Well that awesome how much do I owe you?" and he said, "Nothing your good" and I was completely flabbergasted because since when do car people give you anything free? so I asked, "Are you sure?" and he rolled his eyes and told me very nicely to get in my car and go home. I was so happy! What a nice surprise. Anyway, there was more good luck then i had orignally told you and I wanted to share. have a good day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ya want to know something? In the last two days I've had a lot of luck, good and bad. Yesterday morning was more bad luck, but funny bad. I didn't have school and I didn't have work until 12 so I could sleep in! That might sound lucky to most people and usually I would also, except that I have been on a waking schedule of 5:30 since this new semester began that that is exactly when I woke up naturally. Sad news. So I went downstairs to, i don't even know, do something and I saw that molly was outside so I let the poor puppy in thinking that she got left out there all night. *Remember that I had not turned on any lights at this point* So I went to go back upstairs when I stepped in something super squishy....sick. Come to find out molly had just been let outside but no one had seen her nasty misdeed. So I'm trying not to throw up and clean my foot up and then take care of the super nasty, apparently I was loud. So I woke up my mother and after all the crap was cleaned up, we watched pride and prejudice. That helped the morning. a lot. I then went back to bed at 7:30. (This was bad with a tidbit of good luck)
Here is the good luck with a bit of bad. So this morning I was running late and decided to just get a dang ticket and park right next to the building that I needed to get to. So I got to my test on time!...then I'm pretty sure that I failed, but oh well. i then went to my psych stats class and was nervous because we were getting our test back and I got a 94!!!! I am still so estatic about this because I just wasn't sure. So great day oh and Project Runway tonight! good stuff....but then I did find out that I owe taxes and am not getting a refund which sucks, but its just money right?

Oh and p.s. if you are a girl who likes goofy teen girl movies that are funny and semi scandalous I am suggesting you go redbox Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging. So funny if you are expecting a stupid goofy teen girl movie!(watching it with old roommates makes it super funny too!)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The last of 2009

Can I just say the last of 2009 was awesome!!! The holidays were so much fun even if scattagories got a little intense :) haha but New Years eve was awesome and I had a blast! Then new years day actually making a poached egg with my mama (eggs benedict) was delish. Good times. I will add detail later but I am just now saying goodbye to 2009 which was kind of a crazy hectic year for me, and hello to 2010 which I have started off in such a good way!! I am feeling good about the new year! Already having a visit from Kristi Kay and Derrick which was awesome to see them even if it was for a short while! Then Kimberley is coming! It has just been a really fun first couple of days in the new year! Too bad school starts on tuesday, but i'm trying to be optimistic about that too, so ya.