Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ya want to know something? In the last two days I've had a lot of luck, good and bad. Yesterday morning was more bad luck, but funny bad. I didn't have school and I didn't have work until 12 so I could sleep in! That might sound lucky to most people and usually I would also, except that I have been on a waking schedule of 5:30 since this new semester began that that is exactly when I woke up naturally. Sad news. So I went downstairs to, i don't even know, do something and I saw that molly was outside so I let the poor puppy in thinking that she got left out there all night. *Remember that I had not turned on any lights at this point* So I went to go back upstairs when I stepped in something super squishy....sick. Come to find out molly had just been let outside but no one had seen her nasty misdeed. So I'm trying not to throw up and clean my foot up and then take care of the super nasty, apparently I was loud. So I woke up my mother and after all the crap was cleaned up, we watched pride and prejudice. That helped the morning. a lot. I then went back to bed at 7:30. (This was bad with a tidbit of good luck)
Here is the good luck with a bit of bad. So this morning I was running late and decided to just get a dang ticket and park right next to the building that I needed to get to. So I got to my test on time!...then I'm pretty sure that I failed, but oh well. i then went to my psych stats class and was nervous because we were getting our test back and I got a 94!!!! I am still so estatic about this because I just wasn't sure. So great day oh and Project Runway tonight! good stuff....but then I did find out that I owe taxes and am not getting a refund which sucks, but its just money right?

Oh and p.s. if you are a girl who likes goofy teen girl movies that are funny and semi scandalous I am suggesting you go redbox Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging. So funny if you are expecting a stupid goofy teen girl movie!(watching it with old roommates makes it super funny too!)


Dayna said...

Oh my gosh I love that you like Angus thongs. I just bought that movie in Amazon because I saw it when I was in England, and I have been waiting for it to come out in the U.S. for the past two years.
Such a great film.

Anonymous said...
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Family Scads said...

I made Nate watch that movie with me a couple of weeks ago. I laughed my head off and Nate rolled his eyes and said "you owe me big for making me watch this." I thought it was great, though. Totally a Haley movie!