Sunday, January 3, 2010

The last of 2009

Can I just say the last of 2009 was awesome!!! The holidays were so much fun even if scattagories got a little intense :) haha but New Years eve was awesome and I had a blast! Then new years day actually making a poached egg with my mama (eggs benedict) was delish. Good times. I will add detail later but I am just now saying goodbye to 2009 which was kind of a crazy hectic year for me, and hello to 2010 which I have started off in such a good way!! I am feeling good about the new year! Already having a visit from Kristi Kay and Derrick which was awesome to see them even if it was for a short while! Then Kimberley is coming! It has just been a really fun first couple of days in the new year! Too bad school starts on tuesday, but i'm trying to be optimistic about that too, so ya.


Family Scads said...

Do you mean me when you say "Kimberley is coming" because if you do, you spelled my name wrong. It's Kimberly! Love you anyway! So excited to see you!

Dayna said...

Dearest Haley,
I love that we both have blogs. I also love you. Maybe you should become a "follower" of my blog so I feel special...
Also, I want to go to Scaddy's.