Monday, September 24, 2012


Has anyone else seen these cakes around Pinterest? I don't know what it is but they totally creep me out!  Maybe I'm just weird but I don't find it appetizing to eat some random body part even if it is in cake form and not real.  Especially if you get the flesh part of the cake - hello Hannibal Lecter.  Disturbing.  

In other news I have a new segment coming up that will be dedicated to Pinterest and the crafts that I attempt because of it's influence.  I have tried a few and had some successes and some complete failures.  Regardless of how they turn out though I am always entertained trying.   

Monday, August 27, 2012

New Class

Well we are now teaching the 4 year old's in primary.  I miss my older girls they were awesome, but little kids definitely keep things entertaining.  Caleb and I taught them for the first time yesterday and they were adorable.  We were talking about loving everyone and how Christ would want us to love people even if they made a mistake.  Then a cute little girl started talking about how her brother doesn't let her play the Wii very often and how that not nice but she loves him anyway.  Then class turned into story time.  All the kids wanted to tell a story.   We tried to incorporate the lesson into their stories but it didn't work very well, but at least we were having fun.  One kid started talking about how his friends dog died.  I asked him what he could do to make the friend feel better and he said, "Well I didn't kill it."  Fair enough.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blue Lake

  This last weekend Caleb and I had a genius idea to take Friday off of work and to go and scuba dive and camp at Blue Lake (a cute little lake that is all about scuba and has like sunken manikin heads and boats etc.)  On our way there we were getting close to the salt flats (Blue Lake is in Wendover) and Caleb decided he wanted to top his car out which of course sounded fun to me.  So we pull off the exit to get to the salt flats and there are like almost a billion motor-homes all lined up.  We were so confused and then there were all these old fashioned cars.  I've never seen so many people at the salt flats before.  So we pull in and there is a line to get onto the salt flats and so we finally asked someone what was going on and duh! It was speed week!  Caleb was kind of disappointed because he knew he wasn't going to be able to top his car out but he got excited when he realized that we could drive through the pits and look at all the cool cars that would be racing that week!  We were hoping to see Bert from the movie World's Fastest Indian, but we realized he probably died a long time ago, but still good movie.  Anyway it was way cool to see all the crazy vehicles that are out there.  We had a blast.  Then we decided we better get out to Blue Lake before it gets dark so that we can get a dive in.  So Blue Lake is probably like a 30 min drive outside of Wendover on a semi-kept dirt road.
 Isn't it pretty?
 Well it decided to rain on us.  Right when we got out to the Lake we looked around and there was lightening everywhere! It was way cool to watch, but not so fun when you want to dive.  It also meant that there was a chance our car could get stuck and we would be there for a few days waiting for the mud to dry.  So we were ready to go get a hotel for the night in Wendover but we called and because of speed week the prices were $200 more than usual!!! Yeah normally they only cost $40.  So we were in a tight spot because we still wanted to get a dive in and we didn't want to just drive home.  Luckily after like an hour  it kind of cleared up and we decided we better take advantage.  So we got a dive in.  We saw some things we hadn't noticed before like a statue of a large praying mantis and a satellite dish.  It's also always fun to try and chase the fish.  After the dive we got out and it was raining again.  So we decided we better get out of there while we still could.  2 1/2 hours later we were home.  It was a way long day in the car, but it was still really fun.

Our 5k is on Sat.  I can now officially run 3 miles.  I'm pretty stoked.  Caleb can kick my trash but one day I will beat him ;)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yesterday Caleb came up to me and was like, "Hey I think I have a scab on my head will you get the tweezers and pull it off?"  This kind of a request is fairly normal considering he works construction.  He always has some kind of little injury from the days work so I went and got the tweezers.  I go to pull it off and it is standing straight up.  I thought that was weird but that maybe since he had been playing with it, it was almost off anyway.  So I go to pull it off and it just keeps coming.  I was so confused and I just kept pulling at this 'scab'.  Come to find it was a sliver on the top of his head that was like a half an inch long!  That doesn't seem very big but when your pulling it out of someones skull it seems so huge!  I asked him what he did and he told me a beam smacked his head today and that's when he must've got it.  It freaked me out.  Go figure.

In other news we run our first 5k in t-minus 9 days and I can only run a total of 2 miles...this is going to be fun (it really will be though).

Monday, August 6, 2012

What the what?

There have been so many random thoughts fluttering in my crazy mind lately that I believe that I need to get them out of my brain and into the cyber world and hopefully this will declutter my unorganized thought pattern.

Firstly I am in love with the Olympics (anyone else?..)  With that said how could they give McKayla Maroney any deductions for that vault that she landed so perfectly in the team finals?  I am still blown away by this.

It has been said that I get my crazy from my Mom and she got it from her Grandma Sessions.  So to my future children I would like to say:
I'm sorry your mom is crazy.  She had no hope from the beginning.  Neither do you, but being crazy sure makes for a fun life and some good stories - just go with it :)

I'm about to get a little graphic here and sorry for the information that you really probably don't want so if you are skiddish go ahead and close your eyes now.  For all of you who don't know I had a miscarriage almost two months ago (by d and c)  and for the love when does the bleeding stop? (and also when do the bills stop coming - jk I know that answer to that is never!)  It's not like niagra falls anymore but still come now it is time to move on.

I seriously think about this all the time but I have no idea how I got so lucky that my husband is so freaking awesome! Really (you can all gag right about now) he makes everything that is great even better or things that suck seem to not be so bad.  He even will compare real life events to Harry Potter with me.  Now that my friends is true love.

I want a Toyota FJ Cruiser.  A blue one.  It's beautiful. 

We went and saw The Dark Knight Rises.  Seriously so good.  Caleb has a serious man crush on Bane.  He is even talking about shaving his head to try to be more like him...should I be worried?  If he did though I would only have one question to ask... Death or Exile?..(and yes we are being Bane and Catwoman for Halloween)

Once again we are going to the graphic portion of my post so please feel free to skip.  But I would like some womanly opinions  I have been talking to almost seriously everyone about whether or not they prefer natural childbirth or the epidural (can you tell I have baby on the brain?).  I just don't know.  I like the idea of natural but with the option of the epidural if I start to freak out.  I don't know.  I really just don't. On TV you always see women screaming and freaking out in pain and those images scare the crap out of me.  I just don't know.

My parents sold their boat.  My life is over.

I suck at catching frogs.  We went to Bear Lake over the weekend with Caleb's fam and there was this little pond with frogs all over the place.  I think I would get too excited and go really fast and freak them out and I needed to have a little more patience, but it was way fun.  Our nephew Davis would get so excited whenever someone caught a frog he could would just start yelling and jumping around, it was so cute. He named all the frogs Batmonk.

Anybody have any new comments on the Dumbledore vs. Gandalf question? We started rewatching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy which of course made me question which wizard was best.  I'm still leaning towards Dumbledore.  Gandalf is pretty hard core for sure, but you never know what Dumbledore is going to bring.

Well thats all for my random ramblings.  Sorry to put you through that, but it needed to come out.  Just for kicks enjoy a pic of me and my amor. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Old Funnies..

So my work is still pretty entertaining.  I have many stories but I always forget to blog about them.  One that happened yesterday still has me laughing.  I went into the Alzheimer's unit to check on a room and there's a lady in there i will name Clara.  She and a lady that works here were talking and she asked Clara how old she was.  Clara said, "I'm thirty six."  the lady said,"Really Clara?  You're only thirty six?" Clara sat there for a minute and then said, "Well I think I'm thirty six but I've been lying about my age for so damn long I don't remember." haha  Clara is such a sweetheart and that made me laugh so hard.  Another story from the Alzheimer's unit is that there was a new lady moving in I will call Rita.  She is a fiesty little lady.  She had been living here for about a day and I went in to check and make sure she was doing ok.  She saw me and looked over at the CNA's and then back at me.  She then lit up and ran and gave me a huge hug and was saying stuff really loud like, "I'm so happy to see you again."  and all sorts of stuff then she pulled me to the corner and looked over her shoulder and then whispered in my ear "You've gotta get me outta here!!"  while I was having a hard time not laughing it was really sad at the same time.  I feel bad for the people who forget who and where they are.  So then we walked around and talked and when she was calm again I left her in her room.  Working in an assisted living home is definitely an eye opening experience and I love it!  We also have people who are just retired here and don't want to take care of a yard, but the fun stories come from the other units :)  Anyway that's all.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everybody!! K I know I've been bragging lately about my hubby but I'm going to do it again because he is so freakin awesome! So yesterday we got up and went to our seperate work places. I got called down to the front desk, which happens all the time so I just thought somebody wanted to look at a room, but when I got down there the lady at the front desk said (somewhat sarcastically),"Looks like someone's husband loves them." There was a bouquet of red roses and a basket with a balloon, teddy bear, and chocolate covered strawberries mmmm. I then got a lot more crap from the ladies at the front desk (it was pretty funny). So I got home from work and I walk into the apartment and there are hershey kisses leading me to our room so I go in and found that the kisses formed a big heart and in the middle of it was a card and a chocolate rose. How cute is that? I have a winner for sure. I had made him a scavenger hunt before I went to work so hopefully he feels loved :). So then we went to the Grand America for dinner and when we sat down we both started laughing because we were so out of our league. There were multiple forks which I expected, but when there were three different sizes of butter knives that is when I get lost! So we decided to use what looked like the best option and if it wasn't right who cares, we sure don't. The food was yummy but for some reason high end restaurants just don't seem to give you enough food so we went to dairy queen for some blizzards after and then we watched a cute chick flick and went to bed. It was such a fun night! Has anyone else noticed the hating that goes on on valentines day? I noticed a lot of people saying how we should love our spouses everyday and not just that one day a year. Which I totally agree with, but I also think having an excuse to go all out one day a year makes it fun, kinda shakes it up a bit. Anyway thats all. Life is good.