Monday, August 27, 2012

New Class

Well we are now teaching the 4 year old's in primary.  I miss my older girls they were awesome, but little kids definitely keep things entertaining.  Caleb and I taught them for the first time yesterday and they were adorable.  We were talking about loving everyone and how Christ would want us to love people even if they made a mistake.  Then a cute little girl started talking about how her brother doesn't let her play the Wii very often and how that not nice but she loves him anyway.  Then class turned into story time.  All the kids wanted to tell a story.   We tried to incorporate the lesson into their stories but it didn't work very well, but at least we were having fun.  One kid started talking about how his friends dog died.  I asked him what he could do to make the friend feel better and he said, "Well I didn't kill it."  Fair enough.

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Whitney said...

Oh Primary. We teach the 6 year olds and they do love to hear themselves talk. Good luck!