Thursday, May 17, 2012

Old Funnies..

So my work is still pretty entertaining.  I have many stories but I always forget to blog about them.  One that happened yesterday still has me laughing.  I went into the Alzheimer's unit to check on a room and there's a lady in there i will name Clara.  She and a lady that works here were talking and she asked Clara how old she was.  Clara said, "I'm thirty six."  the lady said,"Really Clara?  You're only thirty six?" Clara sat there for a minute and then said, "Well I think I'm thirty six but I've been lying about my age for so damn long I don't remember." haha  Clara is such a sweetheart and that made me laugh so hard.  Another story from the Alzheimer's unit is that there was a new lady moving in I will call Rita.  She is a fiesty little lady.  She had been living here for about a day and I went in to check and make sure she was doing ok.  She saw me and looked over at the CNA's and then back at me.  She then lit up and ran and gave me a huge hug and was saying stuff really loud like, "I'm so happy to see you again."  and all sorts of stuff then she pulled me to the corner and looked over her shoulder and then whispered in my ear "You've gotta get me outta here!!"  while I was having a hard time not laughing it was really sad at the same time.  I feel bad for the people who forget who and where they are.  So then we walked around and talked and when she was calm again I left her in her room.  Working in an assisted living home is definitely an eye opening experience and I love it!  We also have people who are just retired here and don't want to take care of a yard, but the fun stories come from the other units :)  Anyway that's all.

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