Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everybody!! K I know I've been bragging lately about my hubby but I'm going to do it again because he is so freakin awesome! So yesterday we got up and went to our seperate work places. I got called down to the front desk, which happens all the time so I just thought somebody wanted to look at a room, but when I got down there the lady at the front desk said (somewhat sarcastically),"Looks like someone's husband loves them." There was a bouquet of red roses and a basket with a balloon, teddy bear, and chocolate covered strawberries mmmm. I then got a lot more crap from the ladies at the front desk (it was pretty funny). So I got home from work and I walk into the apartment and there are hershey kisses leading me to our room so I go in and found that the kisses formed a big heart and in the middle of it was a card and a chocolate rose. How cute is that? I have a winner for sure. I had made him a scavenger hunt before I went to work so hopefully he feels loved :). So then we went to the Grand America for dinner and when we sat down we both started laughing because we were so out of our league. There were multiple forks which I expected, but when there were three different sizes of butter knives that is when I get lost! So we decided to use what looked like the best option and if it wasn't right who cares, we sure don't. The food was yummy but for some reason high end restaurants just don't seem to give you enough food so we went to dairy queen for some blizzards after and then we watched a cute chick flick and went to bed. It was such a fun night! Has anyone else noticed the hating that goes on on valentines day? I noticed a lot of people saying how we should love our spouses everyday and not just that one day a year. Which I totally agree with, but I also think having an excuse to go all out one day a year makes it fun, kinda shakes it up a bit. Anyway thats all. Life is good.

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Stout Family said...

How fun is that?! Happy Valentines Day:) I get why single people make a fuss but if you have a man why hate! Appreciate!