Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This morning I went on a run. I know...me running not the norm because I have always thought that I hated running without proper motivation such as a soccer ball in front of my face. What I figured out is that I actually love running once I get going, but getting stretched and ready and waking up that part of it just isn't my thing. This morning though was so great! I got up at nine and got ready and got Molly all jazzed up to go and off we went. Molly is really great to run with except that she can poop while she is running right by my side so I don't even know she's doing it! I looked back at one point and there was a line of crap just right in a row haha what a nasty weird dog! But the point is I've decided to start working out so that my bod looks hot for summer and because I'm seriously out of shape! This really was the first time I worked out worked out for like a year! I've done wii fit and such, but thats not like intense cardio. I also realized with becoming a physical therapist assistant I'm going to need to be strong to help those people get better, it may require heavy lifting and with my noodle arms that just wouldn't happen! So I figured I will put it out there and let everyone know that I am getting fit because if more people know what I'm doing the higher the expectations and the more motivated I will be...hopefully. As far as food goes I don't think I'm going to change anything too drastically, just smaller portions and less junk, but mostly I want to focus on exercising!

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