Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I finally know what I want to do with my life! Wahoo! You people out there who know me best are probably thinking "Ya right give it a week and there will be something else" Well while that is typically spot on I think that I really know what direction I am going now. So here is what I want to do...drum roll please...I want to be a Physical Therapist assistant! I know thats sort of anti-climatic but I'm excited! So Devdog has been going water therapy since his bad breaking arm fall and he has loved it and he is also getting much stronger, so I went with my momma to observe and it looks like something that I would love! I've always known that a desk job is just not for me so this gets me moving and while its work its still fun(for the most part), After dev's session was over I talked to his therapist and she said that I could shadow her and do all sorts of fun stuff to really make sure that its something I want to do! YAY! Its great to have something to work towards! The end

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Tibi said...

Wow, good for you sounds like fun!