Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So tonight my madre and I went and saw HP6 (that means Harry Potter 6 by the way...I had to ask someone...I thought it was some type of a computer) and as I am almost done rereading the entire series (I still have half of the 7th left) oh and don't worry I won't give stuff away, but I did think it was semi-anti-climatic, like I needed more of a battle, but thats all I'm gonna say on that, but otherwise I thought that they did an awesome job! Some parts were so funny! There's this part where Filch the caretaker comes in and my mom and I just couldn't stop laughing because my cousins little boy once asked when he saw Filch, "Is that Jesus?" or something like that and I now think of Jesus everytime I see Filch so it is just funny. Anyway while my mom and I were walking back to my car I could not find the keys for what seemed forever and I just kept thinking "If I had a wand this would be so much easier!" I think that I have read too much HP lately because now whenever I'm doing something tedious or the lights are off and I need light I just think of the spell in my head and hope that something happens haha I'm seriously the biggest geek, but oh well I love me some Harry Potter!

Oh and p.s my father is opening a restaurant called Scaddy's and if you have facebook you should become a fan of it to get updates of when it is going to open and such! It'll be fun! I'm so excited!


Tibi said...

haha yeah I went and saw it too. It was good, ive never read the book though. haha that is funny about the whole filch thing! Haha your funny. That is so cool about your dad!! :]

Joshua said...

Yeah for your dad! I LOVED his last place! I wish we lived closer so we could go ALL the time.

PS I love that you are a little nerd cuz you wouldn't know it by looking at ya!!! sneaky!

Joshua said...

Crap this is actually EM I'm signed in as Josh... oops!

Anonymous said...

haha, i love hp too!! :)

that is cool your dad is opening a restuarant-we'll totally go! is it around here?

Jalene said...

Yay for HP6! I loved it. That's so funny about Filch, because I think he's sooooo creepy looking... Nothing like Jesus. haha.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Your dad is opening a restaurant? Awesome! Where?

I also love me some serious HP6! Wasn't it amazing?!

See you Saturday Haley! :D