Friday, July 18, 2008

Kristi Tagged Me... ya thanks

10 Years Ago- I was ten years old (nasty awkward stage!) Kristi Kay was my bestest friend and we pretty much ruled. We were in love with the man in the yellow shorts! We spent our days playing princesses with skirts on our heads and chain on the trampoline. Ya those were some good times!

5 Years Ago- I was 15 and lets see this would be ninth grade and that year ruled! Lets see my best friends at this time were Whitney and Kristin. We had fun playing charlies angels and other such crazy things. Boys were pretty much the only things on our minds.

5 Months Ag0- Well that would be in February and I was in school hating every minute of physics and of course loving abnormal psychology! It was snowing a lot and I am not so much a fan of snow, so I was fishtailing. Umm nothing too exciting

5 Things on my To-Do List-
1) Clean my room!! its so gross!
2) Get my hair trimmed of its nasty ends
3) Play with my niece and nephew who are here from Iowa!!!
4) Bake a dessert
5) Relax

5 Snacks I Enjoy-
1) Cereal
2) Fruit Snacks
3) Chips and salsa
4) chocolate chips
5) string cheese

5 Things I would do if I was a billionare
1) First I would pay off all my bills and families bills so that we could all just chill
2) I would buy a sweet house with a pool and an awesome boat and wakeboard!
3) I would build a center for children who can't read good, haha jk(zoolander), I would do some form of charity, something to do with either transplants or families with disabled kids that need help
4) I would travel the world with people whose company I enjoy
5) ya I don't know what else, but it would be awesome!!!

5 Habits I have
1) When I'm in the car alone, or with devin I belt out whatever song is on as loud as I possibly can! It totally entertains me
2) I am completely ocd when it comes to money, and debt scares the crap out of me so when I feel like I'm getting low on cash I always figure out every possible option for me to not have to get a student loan or whatever, but I seriously have a notebook just covered with numbers and budgets and stuff, I know I'm a freak!
3) After I biff it when I'm wakeboarding or somehow fall out of the boat or something, right when my head comes up i do a weird blowing whistle thing to get the water off of my lips
4) I am always quoting movies in normal conversation
5) I always double check the lock on my car

5 Places I've lived before
1) Well First Bountiful is where I was born
2) Kaysville
3) Dixie Downs
4) Santa Clara
5) Centerville

5 Jobs I've had
1) Babysitting
2) Nanny for Dev Dog
3) Hogi Yogi dun dun dun
4) I was an outfitter at the Princess McKinley Wilderness Lodge in Alaska!
5) Administrative assistant at Fusion Imaging

5 Tags- Kim, Holly, Kristin, Tibi, and anyone else who wants to!


Tibi said...

Haha thats funny! Thanks for the tag...I'm stoked. Just kidding it will be fun!

kristi & chris said...

Haha you are hilarious Haley I love it! Our childhood rocked. You are very welcome for the tag! Ha