Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Film Festival

Okay so my bishop called and randomly decided to put me in charge of making the ward video for a film festival that our stake is having!!!! aHHAHAHahaha! I have no idea what to do and the video is due on October 4th! The theme is "You call THIS simpliying?" and I think that is not a very good theme, but I will have to get over it and figure something out. But basically I am asking if anyone has any ideas of what I could do. I am having people come over to my house tomorrow to help think of ideas, but if they aren't good I want back ups! haha! So If any ideas come to your head let me know! Thanks!


Tibi said...

Sorry all I have to say is Hahahaha! Good luck!

Family Scads said...

I think that you should do it as an Office episode theme. You could have all the things that simplify our lives in a mold of jello! Just an idea! Have fun...ha ha!

Ryan & Holly Willard said...

You should email Casey and Dana for ideas, they are pros at making videos.