Thursday, October 9, 2008

FUN Weekend!!

Alright so this was a couple of weeks ago, but I can never manage to keep track of my camera and its usb cord at the same time. Now I finally have them both together so I can post a cute picture with a fun time attached!

This is my BEST friend in the whole wide world Kristi Kay Esplin. We have been best friends since we were 5 years old! Its so crazy how 15 years fly! ahhh! Anyway she has been having a rough couple of months so she came up for the weekend just to detox and hang out! So our fun filled adventure started with us going to Lagoon. We decided to start with the haunted houses because they were the closest to the entrance and so we could make good time on our rideage. So it was scary! haha we were laughing the entire time, but the nervous laugh that means that your really scared but trying to cover up! so ya screaming was definitely happening! Then we went on all the rides that really get your adrenaline going and I have never screamed for such a consistent stretch of time! First the crazy happenings of The Spider, followed by the freaky Wicked which I highly recommend! Oh man it was so funny! We would be so nervous that we'd just giggle before they went and then scream until nothing would come out!! Then came The Rocket. haha I love this ride but am highly afraid of it at the same time! When we were standing in line a little girl was about to blast off and she was just sobbing saying "Daddy don't make me do this!" With big ole alligator tears streaming down. It was heart breaking! But she blasted off and came back down with a big grin on her face! Well when we were sitting there waiting I felt exactly like that little girl! I really felt like I was hyperventilating! I wanted to turn to Kristi and say "Don't make me do this!" haha but what a thrill!!!! I love how the wind just rushes my face! So it was totally worth it! Then it started to sprinkle and we decided to try and find the car before we got drenched... too bad. We could not find the car for the life of us! (it is now pouring) We are searching that dang parking lot and now its been like ten minutes! (it starts to hail!) We hurry and hide behind this jeep laughing so hard that I can't stand straight and completely soaked through! We finally find the car after like 15 minutes and man it was so funny! So we got to my house and cleaned up and watched the best movies EVER! Hocus Pocus and My Best Friends Wedding. Then we decided to go on a walk and have fun chatting and what rained again! haha we just couldn't avoid it! So we hung out on the porch with my momma watching lightening and laughing our guts out! Thanks for the fun Kristi! Love ya girl!

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kristi said...

And I love you! Thanks so much for the AWESOME time :) It really was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.